Santokh Singh, Shehnaz Gill’s Father Got Shot | Reported Alive

Santokh Singh, Shehnaz Gill’s Got Shot | Reported Alive

Amritsar, December 26,

Santokh Singh, alias Sukh, was allegedly shot by unidentified armed men in Jandiala Guru area late Saturday evening. Sukh Gill is the father of Shehnaaz Gill, a Punjabi cinema actress and star of Big Boss.

Sukh was travelling from Amritsar to Beas when the incident occurred. He had stopped at a dhaba in Jandiala Guru to answer the call of nature. He said in his police testimony that his gunmen wanted to use the restroom, so he pulled over near the Gurdaspuria dhaba.

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He claimed that two bikers approached his automobile and fired at him. His automobile was hit by four gunshots. He claimed the suspects fled after hearing gunshots and his guys flung bricks at them. He quickly alerted the Jandiala Guru police, who dispatched a team of officers to the scene.

He claimed that despite the fact that the police were notified of the incident in a timely manner, no complaint had been filed.

The police discovered four empty shells from the scene, according to Harpreet Singh, Station House Officer, Jandiala Guru police station.

“Following a preliminary examination, the case was determined to be suspicious, and further investigation is underway,” he stated. He said that his security was recently revoked since he was facing multiple criminal charges. He stated that the police were investigating the matter and examining various ideas, and that necessary action would be taken.

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