One Piece New Episode 2022 | Spoilers, Release Date, Plot | Everything

One Piece New Episode | Spoilers, Release Date, Plot | Everything

What is One Piece Anime?

The most renowned and spectacular manga collection is about to release a brand-new volume. This will provide fans with a bundle of amusement and pleasure that is completely packed into the manga series. The incredible and fantastic Japanese manga classic, One Piece Chapter 1021, will be published in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine quite soon. The plot proceeds in the series with Luffy’s point of entry about to be posted after he emerges from the previous chapter looking for chicken.

How To Catch Up With 'One Piece' Before Chapter 1000 of the Manga

Later, Franky faced off against Sasaki in a one-on-one duel. During the course of which Franky educates Sasaki regarding Radical Beam’s skills and utilises them to destroy him, Sasaki resolves to be extraordinarily effective in the face of Frank’s impressive improvement. To combat Franky’s strikes, he shows off his new skills and a pair of moves dubbed “Heliceratops.” Sasaki vs. Franky has no bearing as they are both capable of defeating all of the others.


The Yamato destroyed the Devil Fruit in the final episode of the show. Imagining she was having a normal and healthy fruit to satisfy her craving, Kaido and Yamoto both sent out massive hits after surviving her modified data. The Robin vs. Black Maria battle has begun, with the first scene revealing information following Yamato’s transformation. Yamato owns the “Oguchi no Makami” Inu-Inu no mi norm. Brook and Robin were drawn to the visions of the people they wanted. The demise of a beast and a white-haired woman caught the attention of Robin.

One Piece New Episode

Following that, the lady was unable to view their profiles, and Brook spotted the pirate from his crew. As well as unusual figures holding odd guards, but he could not recall their identities. Brook is unable to fight all of those people, and Robin assists by ignoring the picture and punching her favourite ones. She defeats Black Maria’s servants after Robin’s blow.

The Black Maria has ingested a Smirk Devil Fruit and uses the Wanyudo defence. SMILE Fruit is a rare Dog-kind dubbed Black Maria’s Wanyudo that has been inspired by a dog class found across the Land of Wano. On Black Maria, Brook and Robin team up to fight.

When will One Piece New Episode Release?

The release date for One Piece New Episode 2022, entitled Robin Vs. Black Maria, has been set for 00:30 (12:30 AM) UTC on Sundays on Japanese Television. In this chapter, Yamato shows her true Devil Fruit abilities through her battle with Kaido. Kaido realises he made a mistake by letting Yamato hold the Devil Fruit, enabling her to use her abilities against him. On the other hand, things are growing tough in Onigashima as Kaido vs. Yamato continues. Yamato emerges from their battle and presents herself in her modified form, shocking Kaido. Yamato’s goal is to put up with Kaido until the Straw Hats’ commander backs down.

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