Joel Osteen Divorce | Victoria Osteen | Rumors, Relationship

Joel Osteen Divorce

If you want to know about the ongoing rumors about the two celebrities in the town getting divorced, then this is what you want to know.

Who is Joel Osteen?

Joel Scott Osteen is an American televangelist, pastor, and author who is currently based in Houston, Texas. He was born on March 5, 1963, in Texas itself. His father is a former pastor who founded Lakewood church.

After some diversion in his actions, Joel Osteen’s career flourished, and later got married to Victoria Osteen who then became the co-pastor of Lakewood Church. Joel and Victoria have 2 kids, a son, and a daughter. Joel Osteen is not only a good oriental but a great writer too. Some of his famous works are Your Best Life Now and Become a Better You.

Joel Osteen Divorce

Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen relationship:

If you know and have been following anyone of two or both of them, you would know that their marriage is an ideal example for a perfect relationship. The couple got married in the year 1987 and have been married since then, although it’s come to know that the couple is not a good space right now and might end up filing for a divorce. Keeping the rumors aside, you would know what a lovely couple Joel and Victoria Osteen share together and their Instagram and Twitter posts can prove it. Joel Osteen tweeted a very sweet message for his wife on their 32nd Anniversary in 2019, likewise, Victoria also shared a picture of them on Instagram wishing him on his birthday with a very special and heartwarming caption.

Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen divorce:

The vicious rumors about Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen’s divorce have been surfing around for a while, and since then the couple has tried to inform the public that the rumor is false. Victoria Osteen stated that they’re building a happy and healthy relationship while keeping a positive environment for themselves and their kids. She also adds, “This is just another time where we get to show people what it’s like when you have two believers in this day and age.” Not only Victoria but Joel also informed about the rumors not being true.

While the rumor might have started with a very unlikely quote tweeted by Joel Osteen, the public took it in a way that thought he was close to getting a divorce with his wife, but as of now, it turns out Joel and Victoria have a healthy relationship status.

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