Amabella Sophia Markert | Pauly D | Family Background Story

Amabella Sophia Markert | Family Background Story

Amabella Sophia Markert is a 8-year-old, whose parents are Pauly D and Amanda Markert. Amabella’s father, Paul D. DelVecchio Jr., publicly known as Pauly D and DJ Pauly is an American television personality and DJ, best known for his cast in MTV’s reality show ‘Jersey Shore’. Amanda Markert, Amabella’s mother isn’t a  media personality and is only known for being the mother of DJ Pauly’s only child.

Amabella is the product of one night stand between Pauly D and Amanda Markert who back then was a VIP waitress at Atlantic City’s resorts in Las Vegas.  Amanda Markert has another child from her previous relationship named Mikey, whose father is unknown to the public. Amanda has not disclosed the father of her other child, but posts pictures of Mikey and Amabella together, which shows that she enjoys her quality time with both of her kids.

Currently, both Amanda and Pauly D share their daughter’s custody peacefully, but the situation wasn’t as peaceful as they were a few years ago, as Pauly D accused Amanda that she is using Amabella for publicity and fame, and to that Amanda responded,  “I have been financially supporting Amabella MYSELF for the past five months,” she said. “Apparently he wrote a check and sent it a few days ago just to show the media the copy of it…publicity stunt.” She also added “I love my children more than anything in this world. The chaos he has created is a shame.”

Later she also stated that she had never denied Pauly his rights as a father.

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Since the accusation, their public fights for the custody of their daughter got ugly. Pauly D shortly believed that Amanda Markert wants child support funds from him, but did not want to sign over the custody rights of his child.  Pauly D, therefore, appealed in the court of law for the complete and full custody of his daughter but failed to do so. The fight was getting uglier by the minute, but eventually, the two came to an agreement regarding their child’s custody arrangements, which was not publicly disclosed.  But it appears that Amanda has primary custody of her daughter, as Amabella seems to be living with her mother and her step-brother Mikey.

Pauly D’s daughter is growing up! And she is too cute to handle

We all know Pauly D is very protective about his daughter and tries to keep her out of the limelight. But the media cannot keep calm, looking at her pictures posted by her parents on their respective social media handles. From her baby pictures to toddler and now a child, she is only been glowing up. Although Pauly D has not posted any pictures of his daughter recently her last pictures say that she is growing fast.

In one of the interviews with InTouch, Amabella’s father DJ Pauly revealed that he won’t let his daughter be on shows like Double Shot At Love at least until she’s 40. Although Paul himself met his girlfriend through a dating show, he would ensure that his daughter will have to do it the other way.

Even though Pauly might not be having major custody over his daughter, he seems to be very protective and extremely loving towards his daughter. During his interviews, it is to be observed that Pauly likes to keep things private with his daughter and also not to share pictures of her on his Instagram. It also supposedly said that he’s very careful whom he chooses to introduce Amabella to as other cast members of Jersey Shore complaint about how little time they get to spend with Amabella.

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