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Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf father of Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf is a registered sex offender and a convicted pedophile who attempted to rape a minor in 1981 and has been served his punishment in jail. He has been jail sentence from 1981 to 1983, which is roughly 3 years after being convicted. Its report stated that he is listed on the Megan’s Law website, which gives the public access to sex offenders in the U.S. One of the attorneys from the general office also stated that the Megan Law website was 100% accurate and sure that if the person is listed on that website then they are definitely a sex offender.

However, being the father of a star, most of the evidence and the police documentation related to the assault has vanished, yet the online department of justice confirms the crime, describing it as an assault with an intent to rape a minor.

Cinema's Fringes Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf

It’s very clear that Shia LaBeouf knows and is very aware of his father’s deeds in the past. But it’s not only in the 90’s that he was involved in a case of sexual assault, but even allegedly accused of sexual harassment of an actress on Shia’s 2000 TV show.

While we may know Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf as the father of Shia LaBeouf and a convicted pedophile, he’s also a Vietnam veteran. During his son, Shia’s childhood, he struggled with overconsumption of alcohol and heroin addiction. Jeffrey and Shia’s mother filed for a divorce when Shia was merely the age of 3 to 4 years old. Since then Shia had been living with his mother until his mother got raped in her own house which left a remarkable mental scar on Shia. The star recently opened up about his father and his traumatized and horrified childhood experiences. He mentioned his father’s addiction and sexual accusation along with his mother’s story about being raped, which unfortunately led to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) suffering.

He also said he still has not been able to recover from his past experiences and sleep with a gun under his pillow to help overcome his PTSD.  He also states that his father is his great as well as worst memories of life.

The relationship between the father-son duo has been on and off. Recently it’s been known that the film honey boy is a written screenplay by Shia which is loosely based on his life, mainly focusing on his childhood upbringing. The name Honey Boy is based on Shia’s nickname used by his father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf.

Latest Updates: Last year when Jeffrey was interviewed by the Daily Mail he frankly said that “I’m a man who has had tragedy and I’ve had extreme joy and well-being, I’ve lived a long life. And it’s been an adventure, almost all of it, including being in the joint if you want to know the truth because it gave me some depth. “I’m not wanted for anything,” he said. “I squeak going around corners. But I got tired of dealing with Megan’s Law. A person commits a crime, and they’re on me for the rest of my life. I haven’t committed no crimes since 1980. Megan’s Law needs to look at itself. But people are going to believe what they’re going to believe.”

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