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Charlie Heaton’s son

  • Before we talk about Charlie Heaton’s son, let’s get to know a little bit about Charlie Heaton himself.
  • Charlie Heaton is an English actor and musician, who’s best known for his role as Jonathan Byers in stranger things, which is a famous series trending on Netflix.
  • He is 27 years old and is currently with Natalia Dyer, who is an American actor who also worked in Stranger things as Nancy Wheeler.
  • While Charlie and Natalia are in a serious relationship, Archie Heaton is not their love product.

Who is Archie Heaton? 

Archie Heaton was on the 19th of May in the year 2014. He was born in England and therefore holds British citizenship. According to his birth date and timing, he is supposedly a Taurus. Archie Heaton is the son of the famous Stranger things star, Charlie Heaton, and the Japanese musician/ drummer Akiko Matsuura.

The Untold Truth Of Charlie Heaton's Son - Archie Heaton

He is currently 7 years old and is living with his mother Akiko Matsuura, as the couple separated shortly after Archie’s birth. However, with the custody, Charlie gets his fair share of time with his son. But Archie’s mother holds the major part of the custody.

Archie Heaton is only a toddler but shows a keen interest in sports like soccer and basketball, which he adapts from his father as Charlie Heaton is seen and heard talk about his interest in sports, especially soccer. While Archie might still just be a toddler, he is supposedly taking acting classes apart from his elementary school and sports activities. The 7-year-old celebrity kid is proof that even when life is all luxurious and lavish, you need to work hard for your own identity and success.

Archie’s Heaton Parents

Who Is Akiko Matsuura? Her Relationship with Charlie Heaton- Is She His  Baby Mama?

Charlie Heaton and his then-girlfriend Matsuura were reportedly said that they were high school sweethearts, they met each other when they were only teenagers and collaborated together for the band Comanechi, as Matsuura is a professional musician and a drummer. Soon, things turned and they found out they would soon be expecting a child. The couple decided to keep the child but unfortunately couldn’t survive the after-effects of it, so they split up. Although it’s been years since their split up, the couple has chosen not to spill the beans on the reason for their split up or their romance.

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