Will Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Release in 2022? Find Out Now!

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2, also known as Domestic na Kanojo, is a Japanese anime series produced by Diomedéa, the same company that produced Ahiru no Sora and Aho-Girl. The series is based on the same-named manga series by Kei Sasuga. Between January 12 and March 30, 2019, MBS, TBS, BS-TBS, AT-X, and ATV aired the anime adaptation, which was announced on June 12, 2018. The series, which was licenced by Crunchyroll, attracted a global audience. Now, people are concerned about the show’s second season: will there be a second season, and when will it air? The series’ first season, which features a fantastic cast, is available now.

The Crunchyroll-licensed series drew viewers from all over the world. Viewers are now concerned about the show’s second season: will there be a second season, and when will it air? The first season of the series, which features a fantastic opening and music, was released in 2019, and it has now been more than two years. Let’s take a look back at the series before we get to the answers to the questions concerning the second season, if you’d like.


Hina, Natsuo Fujii’s instructor, is the love of his life. Natsuo goes somewhere with his classmates to forget about his feelings for him and encounters a weird girl named Rui Tachibana. Rui asks Natsuo to do him a favour and depart with him in secret after a series of bizarre happenings. But he has no idea that the route will take him to Rui’s house, and Rui asks Natsuo to accompany him. He has this urge not because he is in love, but simply because he wants to have this experience. Natsuo reluctantly accepts the offer, hoping that it will help him forget about Hina.

domestic girlfriend season 2


However, Natsuo now has a new challenge to deal with as a result of this tragedy. His father has decided to marry, and as a result of this union, Natsuo will have two half-sisters. Unfortunately, he is also extremely familiar with these sisters. Hina and Rui are the sisters in question, he recently discovered. Now he will live with his “first time” and the teacher he adores. He gets caught up in an unforeseen love triangle and starts his journey into adulthood.


Diomedéa or any anime-related company has not yet renewed the Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 as of January 11, 2022, at the time of writing. We’ve been keeping an eye on the anime’s official website and Twitter accounts, and the only recent attention has been on blu-ray advertising. There has yet to be any preparation or renewal news for the second season. We can guess on the second season possibilities until we get an official announcement. We looked at the Domestic Girlfriend manga, which is the anime’s original content and exclusive source material, as well as the anime’s current popularity.

Last year, a fan inquired about the second season with manga creator Kei Sasuga. The response is one that will irritate some of the fans. Sasuga unfortunately lowers future aspirations by stating that there are no plans for a second season at this time. There is no reason why the creators should not have similar ambitions in the future.


Domestic Girlfriend is based on a manga series written and illustrated by Kei Sasuga, as we said at the start of the post. In 2014, the manga series published by Kodansha began to appear in Weekly Shnen Magazine. The manga is also available in English, courtesy to the same company’s distributor in the United States. With the release of the final volume in 2020, manga’s broadcast life came to an end. There are a total of 28 volumes in this collection.

domestic girlfriend season 2


The anime’s first season covers the first eight volumes of the manga. There appears to be sufficient source material for a second season. In fact, assuming the series employs the same amount of source material in a second season as it did in the first, there appears to be enough for a third season as well. The anime series, on the other hand, can be made to supplement the manga’s sales. As a result, even when there is sufficient source material, it can be difficult to witness the second season of the series.


The sales of the original manga should be taken into account when planning the second anime sequel to “Domestic Girlfriend.” The sales of the original manga by Kodansha have a significant impact on the creation of the anime sequel. The original manga’s cumulative circulation for “Domestic Girlfriend” has exceeded 4.2 million copies as of December 2020. Even after the first season of anime aired, sales of the original manga remained robust, and sales have climbed by about 1 million since the first season of anime aired. Because the special edition has an effect on the sales of the original manga, it’s safe to assume that the second sequel to the anime will be developed as a promotional tool in the future.


Then, in terms of disc sales, we should consider developing the second sequel to the Domestic Girlfriend anime. The production of anime sequels is heavily influenced by disc sales. This is because it is stated that a 5,000 average disc sales requirement is required to assess whether or not a sequel should be made. The production company can earn if 5,000 units are sold. Domestic Girlfriend, on the other hand, is a little different. Because, unlike many other anime series, this one does not have Blu-Ray discs available.

Instead, a code is connected to the special edition of the manga, and the animation may be viewed via the app “PlayPic.” We may call it a net download disc. To summarise, we cannot foresee the probability of a second sequel from the standpoint of disc sales. However, if the anime special edition sells well, DMM, which owns Play Pic, may invest in the creation of the second term.


True, anime has a large fan following all around the world. The anime’s popularity is still above normal, but it may not be enough to warrant a new season because only a small percentage of animes receive confirmation. The manga artist’s remark that a new season is not planned also dampens enthusiasm. However, because there is adequate source material, we will always have the option of seeing a new season; although it is unlikely, we may see a new season in 2023–2024. Keep an eye out for updates.


What will happen in a probable second-season narrative, fans wonder? The rest of the novel appears to contain several breakups in Natsuo and Hina’s relationship. Because of school concerns, Natsuo and Hina’s routes were divided, as you may recall. As a result, the second season will focus more on Natsuo and Rui’s romance.

domestic girlfriend season 2


Rui, Natsuo, and Hina’s love triangle will become more complicated. Rui and Natsuo were getting married, having a wedding, and having children, according to the manga. In the manga, we see Natsuo’s wife in flashbacks, but we can’t see her face. In the second season, this knot can be loosened.

Hina lovers were taken aback by the conclusion of the first season of Domestic Na Kanojo. Hina eventually decided to leave the city after Natsuo and Rui addressed their connection with her. As the fan-favorite character travels to a new school, Natsuo and Rui have become a relationship. After the first season finale, Natsuo becomes a famous novelist, while Rui begins her path to become a chef, according to the manga’s plotline. Furthermore, as the storey unfolds, various issues arise in their connection.


When Rui becomes pregnant in the final episodes, she marries Natsuo. “Rui and Natsuo tied the knot. Wow! “I’m sure you can’t believe what you’re hearing.” Hina had an accident and goes into a coma in the final episodes. While Hina is in this situation, Rui and Natsuo decide not to marry. They are now a four-person family. Natsuo, Rui, Haruka, and Hina, who is in a coma.

Rui concludes Chapter 275 by suggesting that they marry Natsuo while Hina is still in a coma to symbolise their love for each other. Many people believe that this is unnecessary because the drama centred on Hina and Natsuo. Nonetheless, the drama was directed by Rui and Natsuo’s activities. Simply put, it makes no sense that this should happen in the last two or three episodes. We believe Sasuga was attempting to convey the idea that “in the end, both triumph.” Hina and Natsuo marry and have a daughter together. They continue to live happily as a four-person household. A weird family scenario, to be sure, but also one that is highly undesired. Someone should write a side tale on Hina and how she learned to love after the disaster that occurred to her multiple times on the show in a few years.


domestic girlfriend season 2


Natsuo Fujii

A 17-year-old high school student keeps his love of books and his creative side hidden from the rest of the world. Hina Tachibana, her high school teacher, is the love of her life. He did, however, begin to develop feelings for his future classmate Rui.

Rui Tachibana

Rui harbours affections for Natsuo as well. As you are aware, their meeting is focused on a fun evening.

Hina Tachibana

She is a high school English teacher. Her friendship with Natsuo has put her in an uncomfortable position.


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