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Larry the Cable Guy

Daniel Lawrence Whitney is also known as Larry the Cable Guy, his professional stage name. He is an American standup comedian, actor, producer, country music artist, and former radio personality. He is married to Cara Whitney. They married in 2005 and have 2 kids, a son, Wyatt, and a daughter, Reagan.

Daniel Lawrence Whitney’s wife

Getting married to a celebrity is no fun when with comes to intense media attention. But unlike others, Cara Whitney has successfully hidden her personal life from the public eye. But here are something’ about Cara Whitney that you’d want to know.

Who is Cara Whitney?

Cara Whitney is Larry the Cable Guy’s wife, she was born in 1976 in Wisconsin, US. She is 45 years old, as of 2021. While not much is revealed by her about her childhood, she once said that she grew up in a family of farmers. She grew up on a cattle farm in Northern Wisconsin.



From her upbringing on a farm, she developed a vital interest and love for animals, especially horses, she also shares pictures, together with her husband,  with animals on their social media. When it comes to her education, again not much has been revealed, but it’s said that she attended a local high school in her hometown. While she has not talked about her education, it is said that she graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in 1998. It’s also during this period she developed an interest in writing and acting.

Cara Whitney before Larry the Cable Guy

Before she met her husband, Cara worked as a DJ. After moving from her hometown, Wisconsin, she moved to Los Angeles, California. In LA she started working as a DJ for a local radio station. However, after she got married she did work as a DJ anymore.

Larry the cable guy


Apart from her work as a DJ, she had a keen interest in creative writing, therefore she decided to become an author. However, she published all her books after she git married to Larry. And as of 2022, she has published three books in total. She wrote a book on her life, on the 180 acres Nebraska farm with horses, her two kids, and her husband. This is her recent book, from the children aged 8-12 years old. The book is titled Unbridled Faith Devotions for Young Readers.

Cara Whitney’s Dream Wedding

Larry the cable guy


Although Cara and Larry are celebrities and come under the high net worth people, both of them wanted a simple wedding ceremony. They got married on July 3, 2005. They met in LA, while both of them were still struggling to make it to where they are today. The couple revealed that it was love at first sight. They said that they bonded really well over the common strange affection for the smell of cattle trucks. And for their wedding, they did exactly what they like, as they had an open field wedding in Nebraska, which is so dreamy. It was said that the entire cost of the wedding including their outfits was only $180.

Cara Whitney’s Philanthropy

Both Cara and her husband Larry are highly involved in social service. And this can be proven by the donations they have made over the years. Their son Wyatt was born with hip dysplasia, and after having a successful surgery, the family has dedicated their donations to help establish an International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

They also have their own NPO established called the Git-R-Done Foundation, which is a name coined from Larry’s sensational catchphrase. The foundation is known for what’s close to the couple, that is the veterans and children.

Some facts about Cara Whitney

– Cara Whitney has dedicated her life to serving god along with educating young children through her books.

– Their second child, named Reagan is named after Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States as he is Larry’s favorite president and a role model.


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