What happened in the controversy of Dillon the Hacker?

Dillon The Hacker was actually PewDiePie’s arch enemy. He trolled PewDiePie several times due to which Dillon got the limelight. The hacker is alleged to have died in the year of 2019, but the circumstances of what happened to him that led to his demise are unknown. Rumours began to circulate in recent days that the Internet celebrity, Dillon Henderson, had passed away at the early age of 20. Many fans thought the web stories were fabricated until PewDiePie himself appeared to confirm the revelation in a tweet.

What was the reaction of PewDiePie and his Friends?

He expressed grief and was extremely sad. He mentioned and stated that “Dillon, the hacker, was an amazing young comic. At one point, he successfully manipulated and trolled the entire audience. It’s heart-breaking to learn about his death. My heartfelt sympathies go to his family members and friends. Dillon, rest in peace.” According to later reports, Dillon died a month earlier when this tweet was posted, but his family chose not to make the information known and official.

Dillon the Hacker


On July 28, he wrote his last tweets, which were about watching episodes of Boy Meets World. Dillon The hacker’s whereabouts are unknown, but condolences from his friends, especially roommate Tyler Damsma, have flowed in. Dillon died on July 28th, 2019, according to his devastating Twitter statement. He expressed himself and said, “It’s a bleak world out there. I’m now in the middle of a movie that has already concluded. The primary character has vanished.”

Who was Dillon the Hacker?

In a long-running online battle, Dillon notably battled with PewDiePie. He originally gained notoriety in the year 2014 when he produced a video titled “PewDiePie Roast… PewDiePie Sucks!” He yelled at the webcam, calling the YouTuber a “joke” and threatening to put him “in a trash can” in the video. PewDiePie’s “worst nightmare,” he termed himself. He continued to upload the recordings, insulting the YouTuber on a regular basis, claiming to have seized control of his channel and sometimes even claiming to have snatched his girlfriend. Dillon’s personal YouTube channel has roughly 136,000 subscribers and over 27 million views.

Dillon the Hacker


At least two dozen videos and clips from his channel featuring him roasting PewDiePie were made public. These videos were among Henderson’s videos, most of which had over one million viewers. These recordings attracted the attention of PewDiePie, who devoted a full video to reacting and responding to Dillon the Hacker’s video on his YouTube channel in the year 2016.


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