Top-Rated Movies About Science Experiments

Movies that are based on science experiments test various hypotheses, which later deduce scientific theories if they are proven right. These science movies are a delight to watch with some fiction, thriller, and suspense. 

A team of homework helpers say that watching science-based movies can spark the interest of students who are not so inclined toward science. 

Here are a few top-rated movies about science experiments that you will undoubtedly enjoy. 


Released in the year 2018, Replicas is a movie about two researchers who work at a Corporation. They experiment on Subject 345, which involves putting a person’s mind into an Android that contains exceptional abilities. 

One researcher was successful in extracting a neural map and transferring it to an android’s body, but the body bounced back and got destroyed. After his boss, Jones advised him to halt after the failed test; the two researchers abandoned the project.

However, one of the researchers lost his close family members in a disaster a few weeks later while on vacation, and he became even more resolute in bringing back his family by utilizing subject 345. He stole his company’s equipment and obtained their neural maps successfully.

The researcher transferred his family’s brain into an android after much trial, but he faced many difficulties and violent threats from his company.


This movie needs no introduction as it’s seen and loved by many. This is precisely why it’s on our list!

Spiderman came out in 2002 and revolved around a  nerdy, introverted, and awkward high school student who gets spider-like strengths after being bitten by a genetically modified spider, which he ultimately must use to defeat evil as a superhero after a tragedy occurs in his family.

Do you believe that in the future, scientists and researchers will be able to have genetically-modified creatures? Then, do give it a thought!


Transformation film has recently released the movie ‘Deep’ on Netflix in 2021 and is a must for all neuroscience lovers. 

The story revolves around Jane, a medical student who suffers from insomnia due to stress.

Her professor assigned her to work on research for a pharmaceutical company called “DEEP.”

The research is based on three stages for extracting a chemical called Qratonin from the brain, which causes humans to stay awake by implanting a chip in their nape. 

Jane agreed to be implanted with a child after being promised several benefits, and her Qratonin level was watched closely.

She was warned not to sleep for more than one minute before her Qratonin level approached 100% because it could lead to a heart attack. Nevertheless, she passed the first level of testing and agreed to try the second stage.

But what she encountered exceeded her expectations.


A rat experiment went awry and resulted in mutated laboratory rodents destroying a space station.

Only one crew member escaped the space station detonation with a pathogen-laden canister, which later blew up and killed her, abandoning pathogen debris in the forest.

When an alligator, wolf, and albino Gorilla consume the pathogen, they become much more visible and aggressive.

The animals were apprehended by government officials, but they later managed to escape and caused havoc in the town. Scientists devised a plan to restrict the animals, but it proved to be more than they anticipated.

Quantum Leap (1989-1993)

If you like the concept of time travel, this movie is for you. 

During a government time travel experiment, a scientist becomes trapped in the old days, “leaping” into the bodies of several people on a regular basis and solving their difficulties while trying to return to his own time.


It was launched decades ago, and it revolves around students who are given a low-grade psychedelic drug called LOT-6 as part of an experiment with other students.

The pair developed telepathic powers, allowing them to read minds and control anyone with minimal effort.

After they married, their other eight-year-old daughter inherited a pyrokinetic skill that enabled her to start and regulate heat and fire.

She is later kidnapped by the government in order to use her power in an experiment.

Source Code 

Army Captain Colter Stevens is operating on a unique program that allows his conscience to be implanted into another living person. The only catch is that you can only stay for 8 minutes at a time. An explosion happened on a passenger train outside Chicago that morning. He takes over the body of a professor on his way to work on that train, unsure of what he is doing or why he is there because his last recollection is of flying his helicopter on a battle mission in Afghanistan. The program’s administrators inform him that there is a detonator on the metro and that he should detect it.

More pressingly, he must pinpoint the bomber because another attack is scheduled for later that day. However, he is also informed that he cannot change history and only collect information. But, as he grows fond of his traveling companion Christina, he decides to put that theory to the test.

The Aeronauts 

In 1862, daring balloon pilot Amelia Rennes (Felicity Jones) collaborated with visionary meteorologist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) to progress human knowledge of the climate and fly higher than anyone else in history. However, while their journey to the brink of existence enables the unexpected pair to obtain their place in the world, they encounter emotional and physical difficulties in the thin air as the ascent turns into a fight for survival.

A Final Word

Science-based movies are not only a treat to watch, but they also help in sparking interest in science. From time travel to experiments gone wrong and discoveries, we have enlisted some of the best science movies of all time. 

Enjoy these movies by yourself or with your friends over the weekend and marvel at the wonders of science. 

Which of these movies have you seen already? We hope that this movie list helps in increasing your interest in science.



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