Possible Theories About The ‘One Piece’ Treasure

Possible Theories About The ‘One Piece’ Treasure

One Piece, as imagined by Eiichiro Oda, is one of the most famous and engaging anime and manga series ever. Part of the “Enormous Three”, alongside Bleach and Naruto, One Piece is viewed as a worldwide anime exemplary and has a huge, worldwide being a fan. Presently, One Piece has its reasonable portion of secrets, that much is valid, however we’re very certain that the greatest one among them is the idea of the nominal One Piece treasure.

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What Is the One Piece Treasure?

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The One Piece Treasure is the incredible invaluable fortune that ends up being the amount of the things that somebody left hundreds of years prior and the fortunes of the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. Prior to his execution, Roger told the world that the extraordinary fortune could be asserted by whoever figured out how to arrive, in this way introducing the “Incomparable Age of Pirates.”

It is concealed on the most unimaginable island of the Grand Line, the last island, later named Laugh Tale by Roger himself. Something like a piece of the fortune was left by Joy Boy under obscure conditions and finishes there during the Void Century. Aside from the Roger and Joy Boy Pirates, no one knows what One Piece is. Given the common subject of a fortune, it very well might be of incredible individual worth, however of little worth.

In Buggy’s flashback of his days as an individual from the Roger Pirates, he examined with Shanks the significance of fortune, and observed that the whole group had a similar assessment in regards to individual worth. The main time the Straw Hat Pirates at any point found anything about the One Piece was during their entry through the Sabaody Archipelago, when Usopp attempted to get some information about it.

One Piece Treasure: Best Theories

In this part, we will present to you the absolute best and most famous hypotheses identified with the real essence of the One Piece treasure, as discussed in manga and anime.

In this part, we will present to you probably awesome and most well known speculations identified with the real essence of the One Piece treasure, as discussed in manga and anime.

The series has inferred that there are three old weapons concealed on the planet. Crocodile was looking for the extraordinary war vessel Pluton, whose plans were in the ownership of Franky’s lord, Tom. Poseidon ended up being the Princess Shirahoshi of the Ryugu Kingdom, who was forecasted to one day order all the ocean rulers of the world.

The whereabouts and personality of Uranus are at this point unclear. Given her significance in the series’ set of experiences and the World Government’s distrustfulness concerning who may track down her, there is motivation to accept that the One Piece itself could be Pluton, Uranus, or a secret combination of every one of them.

The dream got moving when the story uncovered that the Straw Hat once had a place with Gol D. Roger, perhaps recommending that he, at the end of the day, was its most noteworthy fortune, or if nothing else had some association with it prior to giving it to Shanks. Presently, this doesn’t bode well (as you’ll before long see), and would be a quite huge frustration.

It has likewise been proposed that the Devil Fruits may be to some degree keen on some that could fit in the form and be associated with Satan here and there. Along these lines, Devil Fruit clients can’t swim, as they have been reviled by the lords of the ocean.

Researchers in the One Piece world have attempted to expose these legends, however they have not had a lot of karma finding their insider facts, however they have figured out how to make some modest organic product. Given the significance and secret of the organic products on the planet, a few fans imagine that the One Piece is the beginning of all Devil Fruits, maybe even an enormous tree that develops them.

Regarding the Devil Fruit, a few fans accept that the One Piece itself is a Devil Fruit, yet all at once an exceptionally uncommon one. The world is loaded with secrets, and to decrease all responses to one beginning, the One Piece has been viewed as the beginning, all things considered.

It very well may be the most remarkable of the relative multitude of Devil Fruits that individuals battled about and dreaded hundreds of years prior. It could have the ability to delete individuals’ recollections and make the Void Century. It very well may be associated with the voice, all things considered. It’s a mishmash of the different secrets encompassing the universe of One Piece yet that wouldn’t actually squeeze into Oda’s idea, no.

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At the point when Roger initially arrived on Laugh Tale, he and his group were simply gazing at something. A brief time frame later, Roger began snickering and named the island Laugh Tale in light of this experience. This got fans considering what the One Piece could be if it could make Roger snicker just by taking a gander at it.

One thought is that Roger read something and that the One Piece is another Poneglyph that left a significant message. It very well may be Joy Boy’s final words, or even the whole obvious history of the world. Either could warrant the World Government’s anxiety, and such a reality abandoned on an all around archived piece of composing could create a gigantic commotion that will make everybody scramble to revamp the world.

This hypothesis doesn’t actually bode well since it would step over the 20 years that have been put resources into building the establishment. Albeit the maker himself has said that the One Piece will really be a thing and not something ambiguous like kinship, fans are as yet conjecturing that it will be somehow or another identified with fellowship and that the One Piece will leave the Straw Hats Laugh Tale with just a messy illustration, yet we don’t actually trust that.

Probably the greatest hypothesis interfacing One Piece to the series is the possibility that it is simply the Old Kingdom. During the Void Century, the realms that would one day join to frame the World Government ousted a prosperous and refined realm. For this situation, the One Piece may not simply be the uncover of the Old Kingdom, yet the whole realm itself. It very well may be a destroyed city or even a completely saved yet secret civilization (conceivably the “D” family).

This is a quite weighty story that stood out enough to be noticed after it was included on the One Piece Podcast site. The thought is that the Old Kingdom, and maybe One Piece itself, can be seen on or from the moon. At the point when Eneru went to the moon, he observed a secret local area of androids being undermined by space privateers.

There he found different antiquated texts whose images appeared to look like the Skypeian public. This has persuaded many to think that the Skypeians once came from the moon, or possibly went there, and are indeed a celestial race. Snicker Tale could thusly be where a portion of these antiquated individuals resided, or there could be a secret instrument that can carry individuals to the moon.

This would associate each ocean to the All Blue and the whole world to One Piece. This would make solidarity, if worse travel between realms, however it likewise implies the annihilation of the Holy Land of the Celestial Dragon, Mariejois, which may be the reason the World Government is so stressed over individuals finding this thought.

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When Luffy or whoever first goes over the One Piece, they observe a straightforward clarifying that it was every one of the a lie, or that the One Piece is only the main piece of many, so the entire experience was only a boondoggle. This bodes well as it were, yet not actually, no, as it is just excessively absurd.

After the series originally uncovered Roger’s response to Laugh Tale, individuals theorize much beyond what the One Piece itself could simply be a major fabrication. This would be identified with the name Joy Boy, and certain individuals even think that Joy Boy himself is a type of old prankster. Regardless, many fans won’t be giggling in case this is valid.


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