What Is The 25th Island of Greece? Meme Explained And Its Origin

25th Island of Greece meme explained and its origin

Now, if you’re active on social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram, you might have come across this particular meme of the 25th island of Greece.

Coming to the core of this meme, Greece in total has 6000 islands, out of which 277 are inhabited, so why is everyone talking about the 25th island specifically?  Now, memers don’t usually need fun things to make it go viral. Most of the memes are formed on lame jokes, but since they go viral, they make it effective, funny, and apparently cool.

If you came here in search of the meaning of this meme and expected it to be something hilarious then we are sorry to break it to you but this meme is definitely originated from a lame joke.

When a person is curious the first thing he does is google it, and well just like that people got curious and searched the 25th island of Greece and got the name of the island called Amorgos. Now if you’re wondering what’s there to make a meme about this right? But the meme-makers heard the name Amorgos as among us. Now the meme went viral because people thought that the name of the island itself is Among us.

amorgos: greece's 25th island (sus) (amogus reference) - YouTube


And among us happens to be an online multiplayer space-themed game that originated from the United States of America and is really popular all over the globe. And the fans of the game Among Us apparently find this funny.

That’s all there is know about the whole craze behind the whole 25th island of Greece meme. For memes to viral certainly don’t need solid humor and this is the best example there is. Although some people might actually find this funny because most of them must’ve been Among Us fans or just a meme lover in general, anyway the common audience is enjoying various memes and but not understanding the complete meaning and the origin of the meme. While some people like to get to the root of things while some just like to follow the crowd and stay on top of it. Whatever our personality, people love meme’s and being aware with social media trends and things happening around us and don’t care whether their origin is lame or actually funny.

If you Tried googling that query, you’d find out that the Cyclades island of Amorgos is Greece’s 25th island. Despite the fact that the two words aren’t exactly the very same. They appear to be quite identical, and game lovers among us believe the pun is hilarious. In terms of the size and volume, Amorgos is the 25th largest Greek island. “Amorgos” is the performer of this meme. It’s been compared to the name of the most famous video game “Among Us” by fans. This Island belongs to the Aegean Sea. The Climate of Amorgos is pretty warm. It is more of a summer-like Mediterranean Climate.

While 25th Island of Greece may have gone viral as a meme, the actual island named Amorgos is the prettiest island in Greek and is known to be visited in the 8 must-see attractions. And as the name suggests it is also the 25th largest island of Greece with 126.3 km in size.

Fun fact: One of Luc’s Besson’s movies called The Big Blue was shot at the island. It was also featured in a film called Ariadni in 2002.


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