Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas 2022 News: Discusses The Unwanted Consequences Of Wearing A Mangalsutra

In conversation with Bulgari mangalsutra designer Lucia Silvetri, the actor reminisces wearing it for the first time, saying, “Because we’ve grown up with the idea of what it means, it was just a very special moment for me”.

The actress recalls initially wearing the Bulgari mangalsutra in a talk with Bulgari mangalsutra designer Lucia Silvetri, stating, “Because we’ve grown up with the image of what it symbolises, it was just a very memorable moment for me.”
Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas is unquestionably one of the most well-known Indian actresses in the world. She’s had a successful career in both Bollywood and Hollywood, and she has a large fan base all over the world.

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas, who has welcomed magazine covers from all over the world, was also featured on the September 2021 cover of Vogue India. While her ruffled red dress was a surefire winner, her mangalsutra, which she characterized as “beautiful and chic, intended for the modern Indian woman who takes responsibility of her own life,” was the focal point of the ensemble.


That was all it took for the internet to be divided over Bulgari’s Rs 3,49,000 accessory, the most expensive in the Indian market. While some criticised Bulgari’s mangalsutra as cultural appropriation, others questioned Priyanka’s motivation for championing the mangalsutra for modern Indian women, claiming that it is patriarchal and restrictive.

“As someone who is a contradiction and a mix of modernity and tradition, I would rather be like, you know, it’s my choice,” Priyanka said on an Instagram live during Bulgari’s mangalsutra debut in India. And with the money I make, I’d buy my lovely mangalsutra, and that’s how I’d overthrow the patriarchy.”


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However, in a recent video posted to her Instagram account, the star contradicted her prior comments in a talk with Lucia Silvetri, one of the Bulgari mangalsutra designers. “Because we’ve grown up with the idea of what it symbolizes, it was simply a very memorable moment for me,” she said of the first time she wore the mangalsutra. In the same breath, Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas  stated that she is aware of the “repercussions of what it represents” as a modern woman, for who the business claims the mangalsutra is created for. ‘Do I enjoy the idea of wearing the mangalsutra? Is it patriarchal enough?”

Those are reasonable questions to ask, if you ask us, considering the response to the brand’s release and her promotion of it. However, Priyanka later stated in the video that she belongs to the generation “that is sort of in the middle.” “We’ll see what happens with the next generation of girls.”

She also showed how she wears the “modern” mangalsutra in the video: “I would wear it with jeans, with a shirt… It’s fantastic.” Priyanka stated it was “to fend off evil, to protect you,” while Silvetri added that the black, white, and beads are from a traditional design.


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