Kelly Cochran, Michigan’s ‘Devil Woman,’ Reveals Her Murderous Love Life

Kelly Cochran is currently in prison for murdering and dismembering both her boyfriend and her husband, but pals claim she is a serial killer who has left even more dead in her path.


When Kelly Cochran’s husband learned of her affair, he asked her a simple question: “How would you make up for it?”

Jason Cochran was happy with the response. He’d forgive his 13-year-old wife if she enticed her boyfriend to their home with the promise of sex, only to have her jealous husband blow the lover’s brains out.

Christopher Regan, Kelly Cochran’s coworker and fling, was fatally taken off guard. He was in the middle of coitus when Jason Cochran sprang from the shadows and shot him with a.22 rifle at point-blank range. Kelly Cochran was handing her husband a buzz saw with which to dismember him moments later.

Jason had no idea that he would be the next victim. Kelly became enraged at the 2014 event and killed him in 2016 with a heroin overdose to “balance the score.” When she was arrested due to inconsistencies in her tale, she claimed Regan’s death was the result of a lethal marriage pact.

Kelly Cochran’s gruesome tale is told here.

Kelly Cochran’s Deadly Marriage

Kelly and Jason Cochran were high school sweethearts and grew up next door to each other in Merrillville, Indiana. They were so smitten with each other that they married after Kelly Cochran graduated from high school in 2002 — and vowed to kill anyone who tried to cheat with them for the rest of their lives.

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Jason Cochran toiled tirelessly to maintain swimming pools until his back gave out after ten years of hard labour. Despite his wife’s best efforts to pay the bills, the debts continued to mount. In 2013, the pair left the situation for Caspian, Michigan, where they hoped to find legal marijuana, which would relieve Jason’s terrible pain.

Kelly Cochran met Christopher Regan while working at a facility making parts for naval ships. Despite their 20-year age gap, he and Cochran, an Air Force veteran and Detroit native, bonded and became lovers. Regan was also cheating on his fiancée, Terri O’Donnell, through his relationship with Cochran. On the day he died, they finally agreed to make things up.

Regan planned to spend the night with Cochran on Oct. 14, 2014, unknowing that she had spent the night before arguing with her husband over him. Cochran called her lover over and had sex with him while her husband shot him in the head, knowing it meant her lover’s death. Neighbors heard a gunfire followed by the sound of power equipment.

Ten days later, O’Donnell reported Regan missing, but the Cochrans had already discarded his body in the woods. They missed a post-it note with directions to their residence inside while parking his car on the outskirts of town. Police were more vigilant, and they discovered the car, the note, and their suspects inside.

kelly cochran


Kelly and Jason Cochran were visited by police, who found the former at ease and the latter uneasy. They interrogated them individually later. Kelly admitted to having an affair with Regan, but said that she and her husband were married openly. Jason, on the other hand, appeared enraged by her betrayal.

Despite the fact that the Cochrans had successfully removed all evidence of their crimes and the case had gone cold, an FBI investigation of their home in March 2015 forced the terrified couple to flee to Hobart, Indiana. It was there, on Feb. 20, 2016, that the couple’s fears were confirmed, and Cochran murdered her husband.

Kelly Cochran Gets Caught

When EMTs arrived at the Mississippi Street home, they discovered Jason Cochran unresponsive, and Kelly was said to be obstructive while they worked to resuscitate him. The EMTs pronounced Cochran’s husband dead of an overdose, unknowing that she had purposefully overdosed on heroin and then suffocated him.

Days later, Cochran staged a memorial ceremony, stating online that it was “the toughest thing I’ll ever have to deal with” while pawning her items. She escaped Indiana on April 26 without informing her family, and she became a fugitive after the Hobart Medical Examiner discovered Jason died of asphyxiation.


Authorities charged her with murder, home invasion, conspiracy to commit body disinterment and mutilation, hiding an individual’s death, lying to a police officer, and accessory to murder after the fact, all based on probable cause. Even though she was on the run, Cochran made the mistake of texting detectives.

Her communications suggested she was hiding out on the West Coast to divert police attention away from her. They simply tracked her phone to Wingo, Kentucky, where she was apprehended by US Marshals on April 29. Finally, Cochran directed detectives to the remains of Regan as well as the murder weapon.

Kelly Cochran’s trial revealed that she “considered killing Jason instead of Chris” because she believed he had murdered “the only nice thing I had in my life,” and that she “still hates him, and yes, it was payback.” “I evened the score.” She was given additional 65 years in April 2018 for killing her husband while serving a life sentence for Regan’s death.

She only told her husband about Regan after he declined a meaningful relationship since the evil agreement would assure his death, according to police.

Kelly Cochran’s misdeeds were only revealed to the full extent once she was in prison. Friends and neighbours were horrified to learn that they had possibly eaten Christopher Regan’s barbecued remains at a BBQ thrown by Cochran once word got out that the pair had dismembered him.

Prosecutors also said that in interviews, Cochran boasted about killing numerous other individuals, and that she could be a serial murderer with up to nine victims buried across the Midwest. Kelly Cochran will spend the rest of her life in prison, regardless.


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