Jr NTR Reveals Astonishing Facts About Makkhi | SS Rajamouli

Did Jr NTR actually reveal this on national television?

Jr NTR reveals an astonishing fact related to the making of Makkhi

Jr NTR and Ram Charan on the most recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show stated an astonishing insight on the sets of the movie Makhhi (2012).

For the promotion of the new movie RRR, the team visited the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show, Jr NTR, and Ram Charan stated that the filmmaker SS Rajamouli kept hibernating flies in his fridge while shooting his movie Makkhi which was a 2012 release.

Before Bahubali, filmmaker SS Rajamaouli had already made his way to Bollywood with his debut film Makkhi, which is the Hindi dubbed version of his Telugu film Eega. On his, the recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, the actors of his new film, RRR revealed that the filmmaker kept flies in his fridge to study them.

Makkhi is a movie that revolves around a fly. Making movies like makkhi is not as easy as it looks, to study the behavior of the flies the filmmaker kept flies in his fridge.

Filmmaker of Makkhi and RRR, during his appearance on the show with his new movie’s actors Jr NTR and Ram Charan and Alia Bhat, Jr NTR revealed about this little experiment Rajamouli did during the shoots of Makhhi. He said that “When you opened the fridge, there were more flies than food,” he quipped. When the host Kapil Sharma was intrigued,  Ram Charan elaborated, “He was hibernating them so that he could study them properly. This was when he was making Makkhi.” Rajamouli simply agreed with the statement while everyone around had a good laugh and a sense of surprise.

During their chat regarding the movie Makkhi, Rajamouli revealed that his driver thought he was mad to make a movie on a fly. “My car driver got very angry that I am making a movie on a fly. He said, ‘Have you gone mad? Forget these flies and cockroaches, why can’t you make films with human beings?’” he said.

While people had a good laugh about this whole situation, this only shows SS Rajamouli’s creativity and dedication towards his work. And his hard work and dedication clearly show off in his films that the audience very much enjoys. And just like Makkhi was a huge success, undoubtedly his upcoming movie RRR would also break the box office.


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