Is Jorge Bacardi Dead 2022: Famous Man of the Bacardi Family

Jorge Bacardi was a member of the Bacardi family, which owns one of the world’s largest and most family-owned alcohol corporations. They benefit from the rum and the spirits. Jorge Bacardi was born on April 6, 1944, in Santiago de Cuba. He was born to Caridad and Joaquin Bacardi. His birth coincided with the expansion of his family’s business into the United States.

Leslie & Jorge Bacardi: 2 HEARTS

Jorge, who was already a part of a wealthy business dynasty, moved on to Stanford University and studied there, as well as Miami University to study Industrial Engineering. Jose Alberto and Jorge Enrique were his two brothers, while Carmen was his sister. In total, he had three siblings. Jorge Bacardi was on the board of directors of the company and of his family’s business for a very long time.

Jorge Bacardi, whose family has been making rum and other beverages for 150 years, has had primary ciliary dyskinesia since childhood, a terrible lung ailment that nearly killed him. In 2008, he received a double-lung transplant at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus, allowing him to take his first full breath of air at the age of 64.

How was his health throughout life?

He had been on the board of directors for several decades. Nevertheless, for the majority of his life, Jorge had a lung ailment that affected inflammation of the airways, making it harder to breathe and requiring him to endure recurring infections and multiple major surgeries in order to stay alive. Because he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a kid, physicians anticipated that he would not live past the age of seven.

Leslie Bacardi Interview | 2 Hearts the Film

Jorge Bacardi, on the other hand, persevered despite his tough lungs and perhaps even lived past the age of 40, something experts had predicted would be extremely unusual. Jorge was presented with a set of lungs that fitted when Christopher Mark Gregory, an organ recipient, sadly passed away of a brain aneurysm at the age of 19. Jorge Bacardi performed a 7-hour dual lung transplant procedure at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville on March 27th, in the month of March. It all happened in the year of 2008. He had lived with damaged lungs for 64 years. The surgery was a success, and Jorge was able to breathe for the very first time with a pair of totally functional lungs.

How did Gabriel House of Care come into existence?

In the years that followed his operation, Jorge began referring to Christopher as his “guardian angel, Gabriel,” and he helped to establish the Gabriel House of Care at the Mayo Clinic hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Jorge and his spouse, Leslie, also established a foundation for regenerative medicine research as a part of the contribution, so that they would continue to promote and support research in the field that saved Jorge’s life. They also contributed to the development of “2 Hearts” in order to spread the message about their extraordinary tale and encourage more people to become organ donors.

Gabriel House of Care celebrates 5th anniversary | The Ponte Vedra Recorder

Is he alive?

Unfortunately, on September 23, 2020, Jorge Bacardi died at his residence in the Bahamas’ private gated and guarded community of Lyford Cay. At the moment of his demise, he was 76 years old. Jorge is left by his sister Carmen as well as his spouse, Leslie Bacardi, who predeceased his siblings Joaquin and Alberto. The Bacardi manager was able to take part in outdoor recreation activities in the years that followed his lung transplant, and his cardiovascular endurance was measured at 128%.

He expressed his appreciation to his life-saving donor on a frequent basis. Jorge Bacardi even formed a relationship with Christopher’s parents, Eric, and Grace Gregory, and even sent them photos of him “with Chris,” doing things he could only really do because of the young man’s lungs, such as fishing.




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