How Can One Actually Watch Friends Online For Free?

How Can One Actually Watch Friends Online For Free?

This is a bet that people who do not have access to Netflix or any other platform where your favourite series “Friends” is available, might not be able to watch it. They might be struggling to watch it. “Friends” is one legendary series that everybody wants to watch at some point in their life to actually experience the hype that is created for it. The viewers are unable to resist the jokes, the hilarity of this series, and so on. People who watched it once have seen it more than once because they love this series so much.

Hulu is actually an option


This is how you can easily view all of Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey’s previous seasons of “Friends” online from the comfort of your home. HBO Max, like Disney+, does not presently offer the option of a free trial, although there is a method to watch all of the streaming service’s content available without needing to pay the regular and mandatory monthly subscription fee. Hulu is currently offering a free seven-day trial that incorporates HBO Max. For a whole week, you will have unlimited access to each of Hulu’s entertainment options as well as all of HBO’s entertainment. Use it to watch Friends online for free and catch up on some other shows.

How can NBC help?

From 1994 until 2004, NBC was the American cable channel that broadcast all of the episodes of Friends. It is also part of YouTube TV, and you can try this out for free with the YouTube TV Free NBC subscription if you are a fan of the Friends television series. It is essentially a YouTube TV free trial that contains NBC and 85+ additional television stations.

JioFiber: an easy way for Indians?

watch friends online free


If you live in India, do not believe this post isn’t for you because it includes links to American websites. JioFiber is the most convenient way to watch Friends online for free. If you live in India and have a JioFiber subscription, you can get unlimited access to any and all of the Friends seasons and episodes in India with only a few clicks. As part of its OTT package, JioFiber plans starting at Rs. 1,499 and up include a complimentary Netflix subscription. For those who are unaware, Netflix no longer offers a free trial in India, so these free packages will be your one and only option.




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