Epic TV Shows That Would Hinge You To Your Screen

There is something intriguing about a great TV series. Well, as we all are hooked up to watching movies and series for countless hours, we all know what a quality show is. Whenever we come across such a show, we are completely focused or even lost in the show, giving in unlimited hours to complete seasons by season or as they say –binge-watch it. 

A good show pulls the audience week by week, year by year. You are immersed in the show and start imagining and caring about the plot, and the characters, just as if they are real and our fantasies related to fictional characters start to become true to us, grasping us and hooking us to the screen. 

 People nowadays need quality shows to consume and they definitely want a good escape, which only comes with a smooth streaming experience, which you need. To watch these shows, you need a reliable internet connection. Our suggestion would be to go for Xfinity Internet. For further information on the internet service provider’s packages, you can contact Xfinity customer service

Now, if you wish to watch a quality series that would keep you captivated with itself to the end, the following list is just for you!


You the series is a Netflix original show, falling into the genre of a psychological thriller. The series with its mixture of horrors of thriller and rom-com makes it one of the most loved shows to date. Based on the books by Caroline Kepnes, the show excels at playing with the audience’s expectations and keeps them hooked up to the end. The shows show Joe Goldberg who is a part-time stalker and book lover, who has an obsession with girls, which is obviously not a healthy one, and also murders people who think are bringing problems into his relationships. Joe crosses paths with a woman and he has no choice but to marry her. The woman is also obsessed and toxic like him. The show has a well-written plot and actors like Penn Badgley are a contributing factor to it.


A Germany-Based Netflix series that assures all of your attention. The show Dark, with its intense and terrifying story, keeps you captivated till the end. It connects the dots as no other show can. The show shows different time travel places and one must be fully focused to understand and process the whole show. The story revolves around a German town Winden where children start disappearing. In the meanwhile, people get to know that under the nuclear plant in town, there is a wormhole and people can time travel. It is also shown how the choices of people affect the future, the good and the bad sense. 


Stranger things, the show is without any doubt, one of the best sci-fi thrillers to release in 2016. A quality show for older kids and adults, this show is based on the town of Hawkins in Indiana. The Hawkins Lab is carrying out energy experiments and tests on human test subjects to provide them with psychokinetic powers. In the meanwhile, unexpectedly a portal is opened and monstrous creatures start coming into the Earth. Eleven is a little girl which is one of the test subjects, who escapes from the test and goes to save everyone in the town. She also helps in finding the lost child Will Byers. The series has aired four seasons now and the 4th one is undoubtedly the most horrifying yet captivating. The cast and their acting make this show attain such a vast audience. 


Netflix series Locke and Key is a horror and thriller show that kept the audience captivated till the end of season 2 and now the audience is wondering what the 3rd season has in store for them. The show can be watched by children too and it stands apart from other shows as the story has something unique in it. The acting and the quality also make it one of the most captivating shows to exist. The story starts with a family surnamed ‘Locke’. The father is killed at the start and the rest of the family shifts to their ancestral house, named the Key House, in Matheson. The House is shown to have great importance from the start since the three Locke children start finding keys in their house and each key holds powers. The story showcases how the Lockes find keys and bring them to good use while fighting the demon behind them. 


If you have the thirst for thrillers, like to watch captivating stories, and want to binge some good stuff, this list is surely a good first try. 

All these shows are available on different platforms, websites, and most importantly, on Netflix. You can watch them if you wish to kill your time or be completely invested like a true series lover like me. 


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