Dont Breathe 2 | Review, Plot, Cast, Release Date | Everything

Dont Breathe 2 | Review, Plot, Cast, Release Date | Everything

This is a 2021 film that was released on August 13th. IMDb gave a rating of 6.1 out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes gave a review score of 45% and the audience score was 85% for this movie. According to the ratings, the movie is good enough to watch. If somehow the death of a kid in the 2016 suspenseful “Don’t Breathe” made Norman Nordstrom, beautifully represented by Stephen Lang, an atheist, parenting another helps him preach “God is fair” in the sequel. This is indeed a message the blind war vet teaches Phoenix, portrayed by Madelyn Grace, who first appears in Don’t Breathe 2 as his own child.

Dont Breathe 2

Even though the first movie in the home invasion trilogy was unapologetically violent, the sequel attempts to add a lot of drama to the lethal combination without going into too much detail. The second instalment of Don’t Breathe revolves around a young girl escaping from a burning house and dropping out onto the street. We encounter her as Phoenix 8 years after the horrific and tragic fire. Our anti-hero, Norman, is teaching her combat and survivalist techniques. He is overly protective, while she is defiant and rebellious.

Regarding the directors and the film:

Don’t Breathe 2, which Rodo Sayagues co-wrote the scripts for with Fede Alvarez, the filmmaker of the very first, directs. In the second part, the invaders are desperate to travel to Phoenix in order to complete a mission. The Blind Man is willing to go to any length to defend her. Here, the dancing and cinematography are just as deliberate as they are powerful. They depict the protagonists’ despair in their quest for existence. To add to the suspense, the sound effects alternate between stillness and a dramatic score.

Dont Breathe 2 Cast:

The Blind Man, played by Stephen Lang, is both ominously malevolent and tormented by his misdeeds. The 69-year-old performer has a powerful presence on screen, which shines brightest in action sequences. Because although Lang is given some unnecessary speech, he manages to make things work with his booming voice. Phoenix is played by Madelyn Grace, who changes constantly and uses her facial movements to convey her complicated feelings. After all, the young girl is placed between the two groups of terrible individuals, each of whom wants to own her for their own reasons. In their nasty parts, the remainder of the ensemble is convincing.

Then again, the Blind Man’s extraordinary power and tenacity captivated us, even if it comes with a skewed sense of righteousness, dubious compassion, and twisted morals. We really hope the very next instalment delivers an inventive product on par with the original.

Dont Breathe 2 Trailer:


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