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Decoupled Review

Decoupled features some of the most irritating individuals, most of whom are well aware of their invulnerability. Decoupled stands out for this reason. It is humorous, politically wrong, and unironically modest while also being purposely arrogant. It is a delicate balancing act, and decoupled boldly chooses to tread this route, which is filled with emotional ups and downs.

Decoupled Web Series Review

The degree of self-awareness is so great that it might come across as somewhat clever and excellent writing or the theatrical equivalent of clickbait. The cast, which is flawless, is one of Decoupled’s great highlights. It is one of the best things about that series. While Madhavan and Surveen Chawla’s portrayals of Arya and Shruti as an elite, Gurgaon-based pair are exceptional, the supporting characters give some more of the series’ greatest lines. Read the full article to get an in-depth review of this amazing show Decoupled.

Issues with “Decoupled”

Decoupled was advertised as a mockery of elite urban relationships and partnerships, but it did not focus on this element for a long period of time. Decoupled loses so many interesting sequences with Surveen’s Shruti as a result of just not focusing on the central conflict. Shruti, in reality, is primarily responding and reacting aggressively to what Arya has done instead of reacting on her own initiative. She is enraged by Arya. She is irritated by Arya. She both chuckles at and with Arya. After Arya’s idea that people should not have to pause and think prior to expressing things gets him into trouble, she undertakes some fixing.

Decoupled review: R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla rescue Netflix comedy about a failing marriage

Completely ignoring the levels of comedy and arrogance, the couple’s nuanced and emotional times are wonderful. Despite living together primarily to keep their upcoming divorce from their young daughter Rohini hidden, the script and actions bear a little resemblance to Arya and Shruti’s brighter days. With their mutual half-smiles, Arya and Shruti portray a very pessimistic view of the “happily-ever-after” definition and concept of marriage. This is indeed a show that tries to poke fun at just about everything, and it is obvious that the creators had a checklist in mind. It’s not so much a punching-up or punching-down kind of humor as it is a clever way of choosing what to punch.

This is indeed a show that tries to poke fun at just about everything, and it is obvious that the creators had a checklist in mind. It’s not so much a punching-up or punching-down kind of humor as it is a clever way of deciding what to punch. Yes, it touches on and offends the MeToo movement, aristocracy, gendered inclusion, sexual freedom, feminism, body issues, and even farming, but decoupled is astute in how it avoids getting itself into major problems.

Season 2 of “Decoupled”

The second season of Decoupled is set to premiere in the year 2022. The creators, on the other hand, have yet to make the official announcement. The audience can only hypothesize on the launch date of the comedy-drama that will be available on Netflix till then. According to Netflix, Decoupled will have a second season, and it is also confirmed. We can expect to learn more about Shruti, Arya, and Rohini’s destinies in the second season. Will Shruti and Rohini actually go to London? Will Arya be able to live independently in Gurgaon? We will undoubtedly observe Rohini’s response to the situation as well. She will probably be upset about the separation, so she will definitely reject the idea of relocating to another nation with only one parent.


If the show is revived, the professions of Arya and Shruti might be a critical moment in season 2. In addition, new and experienced characters will very certainly complicate Arya and Shruti’s lives.

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