Black Adam Movie: Shazam! Spin-off Latest Updates 2022

Black Adam Movie:

We love superhero movies and watch them all the time. Especially when it comes to DC and Marvel Comics. This essay, on the other hand, would pique the curiosity of DC Comics fans the most. We were also curious as to when the new DC film would be released. Well, the purpose of this article is to inform you that Black Adam will be released in theatres this year, in 2022. Black Adam is a future superhero movie centered on the same-named DC Comics anti-hero. The movie will be a Shazam! spin-off as well as the eleventh movie in the DC Extended Universe, and it will be released in cinemas on July 29, 2022.

What is the synopsis?

The fundamental plot of this movie is that Black Adam is released from his terrestrial tomb approximately five thousand years after being endowed with the almighty as well as tremendous powers of the Egyptian gods. He gets imprisoned really soon and is ready to unleash his unique kind of vengeance on the contemporary world. After hearing the synopsis, it’s understandable that DC fans have high hopes.

Dwayne Johnson looks like a human anvil in Black Adam set photo: 'To  deliver the antihero you've been waiting for'

Among the most awaited blockbusters of 2022 is Black Adam. While the producers are keeping many aspects under wraps, producer Hiram Garcia suggests that the forthcoming DC superhero movie will be a blast to watch. Dwayne Johnson plays the main anti-hero in Black Adam, which is inspired by the DC Universe character. The movie will take place in the very same world as Shazam!, a 2019 film that deviated from DC’s normal gloomy and weepy tone and succeeded because of its humorous tone. And, as Garcia hinted, Black Adam will also have a nice theme.

The movie will be based on the Marvel and DC villain or anti-hero Black Adam and therefore will serve as a spin-off as well as a successor to Shazam! However, while the 2019 film laid the groundwork for a Black Adam feature, storyline elements are currently unknown. Fans were treated to a rare backstage peek at the movie at DC FanDome. On his official Twitter account, Johnson gave the audience a sneak preview of the film’s opening credits.

Who is in this movie?

Black Adam: Pierce Brosnan Teases His Superhero Costume In Dwayne Johnson  Movie

The film also stars Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, a.k.a. Albert Rothstein, Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, in addition to The Rock. Sarah Shahi (Adrianna Tomaz) has also landed a role. In the comics, Tomaz becomes Black Adam’s romantic interest. She is perhaps the goddess Isis’ incarnation as well as a hero in her own right.

Cast of Black Adam:

Actual name Reel Name Birth Year
Dwayne Johnson Teth-Adam/Black Adam 1972
Noah Centineo Albert Rothstein/Atom Smasher 1996
Aldis Hodge Khufu/Carter Hall/Hawkman 1986
Quintessa Swindell Maxine Hunkel/Cyclone 1997
Pierce Brosnan Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate 1953
Sarah Shahi Professor Adrianna Tomaz 1980
Djimon Hounsou Shazam 1964




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