Allu Arjun and Samantha Ruth Prabhu Dirty Business For Pushpa Song “Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava

‘Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava,’ a special song in Allu Arjun’s Pushpa The Rise,’ has got the entire country swaying to the beats of Devi Sri Prasad’s music. Allu Arjun and Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared screen time in the song, which was Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s first particular dance performance in her career. The song has received millions of views on YouTube since its release and continues to be a fan favourite. Ganesh Acharya, the choreographer who directed the song, has now provided a behind-the-scenes video.

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On Saturday, he shared a behind-the-scenes look at the song’s creation, which was a real pleasure. Ganesh is seen with his helper in the BTS footage, which the choreographer published on Instagram. Samantha and Allu Arjun can be seen learning the song’s hook step from him. Samantha can be seen clapping as Allu Arjun praises his timing as soon as they finish. “Another hit with my favourite,” Ganesh posted on Instagram, “had the most amazing time on set with these two.”

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Dirty Business:

A news report claimed that Pushpa’s lead star Allu Arjun also personally convinced her for the role. If that wasn’t all, the report also added that she charged Rs 5 crore for the three-minute song.


allu arjun

A source told Subhash K Jha for an IWMBUZZ report, “Oh, she has charged a bomb for the Oo Antava dance number. Believe me, she was very reluctant. The film’s leading man Allu Arjun personally took the effort to convince Samantha Ruth Prabhu. They had to pay her close to Rs 5 crores for that 3-minute dance number. She had some reservations about some of the dance movements. But gradually she got into the groove and didn’t demand that even one step to be changed.” The grapevine added that Samantha is being considered for another ‘special’ song for Pushpa 2, a sequel to Pushpa: The Rise.

BTS video of Allu Arjun & Samantha Ruth Prabhu:

Samantha had previously posted a BTS video of the song, in which she could be seen practicing her solo skills. Samantha added that while she has acted in a variety of roles during her career, being sexy on TV was a problem for her. “I played good, I played bad, I was funny, I was serious, I was a chat show host too… I work really hard to excel at everything that I take up …  “However, being sexy is next level hard work…..phew,” she commented on Instagram. Allu Arjun’s depiction of Pushpa in Sukumar’s film received high appreciation from the actor.“A performance that just keeps you hooked .. every second was 🔥 I am always always inspired when an actor is just so good that it is impossible to look away .. @alluarjunonline was that for me in #Pushpa .. from the accent to the one side drooping shoulder and that god damn SWAG … Phew .. absolutely stunning .. truly truly inspired,” she mentioned.


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On Sunday, Sohail Khan said watching Pushpa was “like attending a film school.” He said the film “blew” his mind. Recently, Devi Sri Prasad shared photos of Kamal Haasan watching the Allu Arjun film, which has been dominating the box office ever since its release.

The film is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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