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Paintings, drawings and installations. We explore the world of visual art in all of its forms, be they classical, modern or street art.

Wondering People & Welcome To Inchfuckery @ Summerhall, Edinburgh

Summerhall (the former Royal Dick Veterinary College @ Summerhall Pl, Edinburgh EH9 1PL) is Edinburgh's largest and most intriguing multi-purpose arts venue. One of the real pleasures/perils for the inexperienced visitor is wandering the building's corridors, courtyard and stairwells (an odd mix of grand 18th century architecture and brutalist postwar urban planning) in your quest for some artistic treasures.

However, the tenacious visitor will often find some truly inspired displays of eclectic artwork. Today I look at two of its current exhibitions. For further information please check out the Summerhall website here: https://www.summerhall.co.uk

Wondering People

This exhibition features 17 student artists (from The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art and Glasgow School of Art) working with a variety of materials ranging from clay to film. Here are some highlights:

Emily Herring - Oil Painting:

Poppy Blackiston-Houston - Drawings and Paintings:

Charlie Campbell-Gray - Print on Canvas:

Eleanor Brade - Digital and Film Photography from Israel, Palestine, Iran and Nepal:

Hugo Harris - Latex, Wax and Wood Sculpture:

Bessie-Mae Armitage - Digital and Film Photography:


This collection of artwork by Alan Grieve (who co-owns Workspace Dunfermline with friends Emma McGarry and James Fitzpatrick: https://www.facebook.com/workspacedunfermline/) uses mixed media on paper, medium-density fibreboard and pine - and a video installation with sound. Here are some highlights from the colourful and anarchic collection:

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