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Frank Sidebottom The Home of the Retrospective


Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well! Live stage shows in Central Scotland, be they Shakespeare or avant-garde.

Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Flight @ Summerhall

Be prepared for an unsettling philosophical rollercoaster ride, courtesy of Darkfield's half-hour experimental binaural play. Taking place mainly in pitch darkness in a mocked-up air passenger cabin, it riffs on the Schrödinger's cat theory to unnerving effect.

Flight, a binaural play by Darkfield

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Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Chase Scenes @ Summerhall

Sixty different chases and other frenzied nightmare situations are presented in this multimedia production featuring performers Alexandra Elliott, Hilary Crist and Ming Hon. It's an avant-garde yet unpretentiously relatable show which makes for an ideal escape from the usual stand-up comedy.

Chase Scenes @ Edinburgh Fringe 2018

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017: The End, the End, the End… @ Venue 13

This surreal piece of confrontational, experimental multimedia theatre is overwhelming and intense… both in a good and bad way.

The End The End The End Teddy Ruxpin

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