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The music scene in Scotland's Central Belt. We check out some gigs, and the occasional piece of recorded music. The emphasis here is heavily on rock, indie and electronic styles.

Moonlandingz + The Lucid Dream @ SWG3, Glasgow 18/11/2017

Musical hallucinogenics with a Vox Phantom guitar

The seedy, street art-encrusted route up to SWG3 seemed rather apt in contexts of last night’s two bands at the venue. They were indeed dealing some dubious and heady wares in this part of town.

Support act The Lucid Dream, which hails from Carlisle, peddle mezcal-tinged shoegazing psychedelic soundscapes of the heaviest and most mind-blowing kind. They’re not a band for the guitar squeamish; their sound relies on the densest, most feedback and fuzzbox-drenched wall of six-string sound that a band can feasibly generate without bursting eardrums. The crucial factor, however, is the sense of fantastic space-exploratory melodies underpinning the overwhelming wall of noise. The result last night was an inescapable whirlwind of musical hallucinogenic.

It was also great to see one of the band members play the distinctive pentagonal-shaped Vox Phantom guitar. Incidentally, it seems that the one seen last night was a crowdfunded replacement for after their previous one was stolen in Paris earlier this year: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/replace-the-lucid-dreams-stolen-music-equipment/.

Watch a video:

Hyped to the moon

I was incredibly hyped up to see The Moonlandingz having heard tales of the legendary goings-on at the live shows of Saul Adamczewski and Lias Kaci Saoudi’s other band, Fat White Family. So much so, in fact, that it was almost inevitable that they would fall short of expectations. Well, it was that and the fact that they followed such an unusually momentous support act.

That’s not to say, however, that they are anything less than a great one-of-a-kind band. Their musical style is incredibly hard to pin down but has that vibe of trying to recall those half-remembered pieces of music which can be heard soundtracking your most fevered of dreams. Well… ok… I don’t know about anyone else but I certainly hear them during my most fevered of dreams.

Moonlandingz @ Glasgow SW3

A (slightly) raunchy show

The highlight was a raunchy, body-grinding duet between Lias Saoudi and Rebecca Taylor for The Strangle of Anna. The fact that Lias introduced Glory Hole with the line “I dedicate this song to Kevin Spacey” was another gloriously tasteless masterstroke. However, the set never flagged during its all-too-short duration (sadly without an encore).

A nearby group of rowdy (but high-spirited) neds repeatedly called for Lias to strip off (as he tended to do during his Fat White Family appearances). He teased the crowd by removing his top but never went any further than that. Still, as disappointing as that (plus the lack of an encore) undoubtedly was for some, the fact that a band can display the audacity of so blatantly leaving the audience wanting more wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t already delivered in the first place. Moonlandingz is a veritable trip to the moon in the most unashamed “after consuming a large quantity of suspicious-looking mushrooms” sense of the word.

Watch a video:

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

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