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Frank Sidebottom The Home of the Retrospective


The music scene in Scotland's Central Belt. We check out some gigs, and the occasional piece of recorded music. The emphasis here is heavily on rock, indie and electronic styles.

Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Pussy Riot: Riot Days @ Summerhall

Despite problems at the Russian border, this iconic activist musical collective made it to Edinburgh in the end. Mixing music, spoken word, video and water thrown at the crowd (!) they are an incendiary and inspiring beacon of hope in a darkening world.

Pussy Riot band

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Shonen Knife + Kolars @ Summerhall, Edinburgh 1st May 2018

The headliners were an infectious sugar rush in Edinburgh's best multipurpose arts and music venue. They are a colour-coded burst of cheery pop-punk enthusiasm in a world of self-consciously miserable musicians. Glamabilly band Kolars, with their sparkly tap-dancing drummer Lauren Brown, provided exceptional support.

Shonen Knife moshing at Summerhall, Edinburgh

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Dead Kennedys @ The Liquid Room, Edinburgh 19th June 2017

3/4 of the original Dead Kennedys, with about 4/5 of the original greatness.

Dead Kennedys at Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms

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Barb Wire Dolls + Warhead @ Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh 24th May 2017

These Greek/American punk rockers wear cherry red lipstick in the most defiant manner possible.

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Messer Chups + The Fnords + The Phlegm @ The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh 30th April 2017

A gruesome feast of horror-rock aptly held at Edinburgh's The Voodoo Rooms.

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