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Live Music in Scotland
  • Arts in Scotland

The music scene in Scotland's Central Belt.

We check out some gigs, and the occasional piece of recorded music. The emphasis here is heavily on rock, indie and electronic styles.

Dead Kennedys @ The Liquid Room, Edinburgh 19th June 2017

3/4 of the original Dead Kennedys, with about 4/5 of the original greatness.

Dead Kennedys at Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms

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Thurston Moore Group + Curdle @ St. Luke’s, Glasgow 12th June 2017

Diamonds-in-the-grunge exhilaration from erstwhile Sonic Youth member Thurston Moore.

Thurston Moore Group

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​Hidden Door Festival: Hidden Orchestra + Gazelle Twin + Callum Easter + Monkoora @ Leith Theatre 3rd June 2017

An eclectic and inspired choice of acts offset occasional audio issues at The Hidden Door's penultimate night.

Gazelle Twin: spine-chilling show

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Hidden Door Festival: Idlewild + Manuela + Hamish Hawk + Dama Scout @ Leith Theatre, Edinburgh 27th May 2017

The band that finally made the Edinburgh crowd go wild at the Hidden Door Festival.

Idlewild @ Hidden Door

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