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Frank Sidebottom The Home of the Retrospective


A nostalgic (but not blindly nostalgic) look back at some cult and classic movies. Are they worth checking out once you take off the rose-tinted glasses? Find out in this retrospective section.

Matinee (1993) directed by Joe Dante and starring John Goodman

This unfairly overlooked homage to the magic of old monster movies, set during the Cuban Missile Crisis, is one of the director's best films.

The ant-headed Mant in Joe Dante's Matinee

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The Masque of the Red Death (1964) directed by Roger Corman

Vincent Price turns in one of his finest performances as Prince Prospero in this adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's short story.

Masque of the Red Death poster

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The Wicked Lady (1983) remake directed by Michael Winner

This remake of an adaptation of Magdalen King-Hall's novel is shallow, trashy period fun starring and overacting Faye Dunaway and a wooden Oliver Tobias.

Glynis Barber in Michael Winner's The Wicked Lady

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Women in Love (1969) starring Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed

Ken Russell's adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's novel of sexual blossoming is the one which put the controversy-baiting director firmly on the cinematic map.

Alan Bates and Jennie Linden in Women in Love

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​Dreamchild (1985)

The controversies behind Lewis Carroll's love of Alice are tastefully recorded in this intriguing lost 80s film.

Coral Brown and Nicola Cowper in Dreamchild (1985)

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