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A trailer for Better Watch Out - released in the UK 8th December

The press release

This sadistic horror comedy begins on a quiet suburban street during the holiday season, a babysitter must defend a twelve-year-old boy from strangers breaking into the house, only to discover that this is far from a normal home invasion. Featuring a superb young cast including Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould, and Levi Miller who is on sensational form; as well as Patrick Warburton, Virginia Madsen and Dacre Montgomery.

Sadistic horror comedy Better Watch Out

One to watch out for?

Better Watch Out did the film festival rounds during autumn last year and summer this year. Reviews thus far have generally been positive. Starburst Magazine opined:

“Better Watch Out plays the audience at their own game. It pleasures and punishes them for trying to pre-guess its gifts. It is deeply unnerving and adorably sinister.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s review was similarly upbeat:

“The sadistic horror comedy Safe Neighborhood is the kind of film that’s tough to categorize but easy to enjoy, especially if you like watching teenagers do some very twisted things for the holiday season.”

Kim Newman’s, however, was rather more reserved in tone:

“Better Watch Out is undeniably clever but, from my point of view at least, impossible to love. “

Judging from the trailer, it looks like a nastier and less child-friendly variant on Home Alone. It is due to arrive in UK cinemas on the 8th of December. Strangely, its US release comes on the less Yuletide-friendly date of the 6th of October.

Runtime: 85 mins

Dir: Chris Peckover

Script: Zack Kahn, Chris Peckover

Starring: Patrick Warburton, Virginia Madsen, Dacre Montgomery, Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, Ed Oxenbould

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