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Blade Runner 2049 - Trailer & Analysis

It's the trailer absolutely everyone in the world has been waiting for.

Denis Villeneuve's sequel seems to mix the dark, neon-drenched visuals of the original with a dusty, orange, overt dawn/dusk of civilisation aesthetic. The shots of Jared Leto's character here (complete with false eye) seem to play up the overt creepiness a little too much. However, we do get some neat glimpses of Mackenzie Davis playing (possibly) a Pris-style Replicant, plus a number of more enigmatic characters. While Ryan Gosling is clearly the main protagonist here, there are some extra details pointed to as to his true nature via the line: "you're special".

It does exactly what a trailer should, i.e. leaves the viewer wanting to fill in the blanks when the film is finally released (in October).

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