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Alien: Covenant Trailer & Analysis

Oh trailer ambassador, you are spoiling us today. Firstly the final Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and now one for Alien: Covenant.

It's hard to judge at before seeing the film itself, but it looks closer to the honest-to-goodness pure terror of the original 1979 Alien than the bloated origin story indulgence-fest that was Prometheus. Mind you, that blatant CGI alien towards the end is a bit of a black mark. Remember guys: less is more when it comes to showing Xenomorphs, and slimy practical work trumps shiny digital creations any day.

Again Ridley Scott is in the director's chair, and the cast includes Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, James Franco and Billy Crudup. US and UK release date is 19th May 2017.

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