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The Third Secret (1964) dir: Charles Crichton Blu Ray (Indicator)

This intriguing psychological drama has some good scenes and performances but tends to drag at times. Pamela Franklin is a highlight here as an intelligent and outspoken adolescent girl. Also starring Stephen Boyd, Jack Hawkins, Richard Attenborough, Diane Cilento and Judi Dench.

Stephen Boyd in The Third Secret (1964)

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Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) Blu Ray (Indicator)

Joseph L. Mankiewicz's controversial adaptation of Tennessee Williams' play of homosexuality and lobotomies heavily emphasises words to paint pictures, yet still manages to be impressively cinematic.

Elizabeth Taylor in Suddenly, Last Summer

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Images (1972) dir: Robert Altman Blu Ray (Arrow Academy)

Susannah York plays a schizophrenic author in this overlooked psychological puzzle of a chiller which plays like a missing link between Repulsion and The Shining. Those who appreciate their movies littered with subtle clues and clever motifs will find much to appreciate here.

Susannah York in Robert Altman's Images

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The Pumpkin Eater (1964) Blu Ray (Indicator)

Jack Clayton's excellent but unfairly overlooked portrait of a disintegrating marriage starring Anne Bancroft and Peter Finch.

The Pumpkin Eater (1964)

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Four Film Noir Classics Blu Ray & DVD (Arrow Academy)

A worthy noir Blu Ray collection marred by so-so audio-visual aspects. The films are The Dark Mirror, Secret Beyond the Door, Force of Evil and The Big Combo.

Joan Bennett in Secret Beyond the Door

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Vampyres directed by José Larraz


Erik the Conqueror directed by Mario Bava

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