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Frank Sidebottom The Home of the Retrospective


Two Evil Eyes (1990) dir: George Romero and Dario Argento Blu Ray (88 Films)

This two-part Edgar Allan Poe anthology is more of a case of One Good Eye as Argento's lively The Black Cat far outclasses Romero's draggy The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar. While the audio-visual presentation here is so-so, the extras are decent enough.

Harvey Keitel in The Black Cat

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The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) starring Ray Milland Blu Ray (Arrow)

This Italian-made mystery, set in Sydney in Australia, was inspired by an actual murder case which occurred in the same area. Far from being the typical giallo, it’s one of those films which could leave the viewer genuinely in two minds about it.

Dalila Di Lazzaro in The Pyjama Girl Case

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Heathers (1988) starring Winona Ryder Blu Ray & DVD (Arrow)

Director Michael Lehmann's first and best film is a sharp satire about the neo-fascist reality of high school life and the media-fuelled cult of teen martyrdom. It's stylish, witty and has great performances, notably from its two leads Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

Christian Slater and Winona Ryder in Heathers

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The Case of the Scorpion's Tail (1971) Blu Ray (Arrow)

This typically entertaining Sergio Martino giallo makes up for its convoluted and contrived plot with some energetic setpieces and blood-splattered murders.

Ida Galli in The Case of the Scorpion's Tail

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​Hammer Volume Two: Criminal Intent (1958-1961) Blu Ray (Indicator)

This compilation of the cult British studio's crime dramas proves that they ably turned their hands to genres other than the horror films which made them famous. The Snorkel, Never Take Sweets From a Stranger, Cash on Demand and The Full Treatment are the four offerings in this set.

The Snorkel (1958) with Peter van Eyck

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Strangled (2016) dir: Árpád Sopsits Blu Ray & DVD (Eureka!)

This account of the pursuit of a real-life serial killer in Hungary during the Communist era is phenomenally nasty and downbeat. It works better as a study of the period than it does as a thriller.

Strangled (2016)

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Lady Macbeth (2016) Blu Ray (Altitude) starring Florence Pugh

A review of the UK Blu Ray release of William Oldroyd's ice-cold study of a psychopathic anti-heroine, based on a novel by Nicolai Leskov.

Florence Pugh

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