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The Shanghai Job (2017) DVD (Signature Entertainment)

Orlando Bloom does his best Jason Statham impersonation in this lightweight but enjoyable Chinese-British action flick. Charles Martin (E4's Skins) directs while Simon Yam, Lynn Hung, Xing Yu and Hannah Quinlivan co-star.

Orlando Bloom in The Shanghai Job

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Masked Avengers (1981) Blu Ray & DVD (88 Films)

More Shaw Brothers Hong Kong cult entertainment courtesy of 88 Films Asia.

A nasty way to go in The Masked Avengers

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Killer Constable (1980) Blu Ray & DVD (88 Films)

Superb Shaw Brothers Wuxia is one of the finest and most distinctive of its kind.

Kuan Tai Chen in the Shaw Brothers-produced Killer Constable

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​Seeding of a Ghost (1983) Blu Ray & DVD (88 Films)

Chinese Black Magic horror insanity courtesy of 88 Films.

Supernatural wrath in Seeding of a Ghost

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Five Element Ninjas (1982) Blu Ray & DVD (88 Films)

Incredible Shaw Brothers ninja insanity courtesy of 88 Films’ Asia Collection.

Blood aplenty in Five Element Ninjas

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