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Frank Sidebottom The Home of the Retrospective


William Castle at Columbia Volume One Blu Ray (Indicator)

The Tingler, 13 Ghosts, Homicidal and Mr. Sardonicus are brought together in this superbly assembled boxed set. While these films aren't exactly high art, Castle's larger-than-life personality makes them entertaining in their own peculiar ways.

Vincent Price in The Tingler

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The Old Dark House (1932) Blu Ray & DVD (Eureka!)

Once considered a lost film, this overlooked entry in the filmographies of James Whale and Boris Karloff is an exquisitely atmospheric and playful mix of horror, black comedy and melodrama.

Gloria Stuart and Boris Karloff in The Old Dark House (1932)

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Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) Blu Ray (Indicator)

Joseph L. Mankiewicz's controversial adaptation of Tennessee Williams' play of homosexuality and lobotomies heavily emphasises words to paint pictures, yet still manages to be impressively cinematic.

Elizabeth Taylor in Suddenly, Last Summer

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Flowers in the Attic (1987) starring Louise Fletcher Blu Ray (Arrow)

Jeffrey Bloom's toned-down adaptation of V.C. Andrews' popular novel about incest and child abuse manages some gothic atmosphere but suffers from poor dialogue and implausibilities.

Louise Fletcher in Flowers in the Attic

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Suspiria (1977) 4K restored Blu Ray & DVD (CultFilms)

This majestic Technicolor restoration of Dario Argento's masterpiece of operatic supernatural horror is one of the best Blu Ray releases this year.

Jessica Harper in Suspiria

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Kill, Baby… Kill! (1966) Blu Ray & DVD (Arrow)

Arguably Italian horror director Mario Bava's best horror film, Kill, Baby... Kill! carries a nightmarish gothic atmosphere with an intelligent streak.

Giacomo Rossi Stuart and Erika Blanc

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Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye (1973) Blu Ray (88 Films)

Je ne t'aime pas this muddled gothic/giallo hybrid featuring Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.

Jane Birkin and Hiram Keller in Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye

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Obey, written and directed by Jamie Jones


Erik the Conqueror directed by Mario Bava

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