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Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno (2009) Blu Ray (Arrow Academy)

Serge Bromberg's reconstruction and postmortem of Henri-Georges Clouzot's aborted would-be masterpiece presents us with some visually-striking footage but not enough depth. However, the extras help to fill in the blanks.

Romy Schneider in Inferno

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The Battle of Algiers (1966) Blu Ray & DVD (CultFilms)

Gillo Pontecorvo's frank and even-handed portrayal of the Algerian War of Independence focusses on FLN freedom fighter Ali La Pointe (Brahim Hadjadj) and the leader of the French response battalion Lieutenant-Colonel Mathieu (Jean Martin). Based on the original memoirs by Saadi Yacef, who also co-produced and co-stars here.

Jean Martin in The Battle of Algiers

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The Mystery of Picasso (1956) Blu Ray & DVD (Arrow)

Henri-Georges Clouzot's documentary capturing the renowned artist in action makes for a hypnotically chilled viewing experience and a fascinating examination of the creative process.

The Mystery of Picasso

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Lost in Paris (2016) starring Dominique Abel & Fiona Gordon (Arrow Academy)

This colourful, lovingly-crafted comedy starring the Belgian/Australian-Canadian comedy couple Abel & Gordon depends on your own enjoyment of slapstick humour.

A comedy couple in Lost in Paris

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​Napoleon (1927) Blu Ray (BFI)

A stunning restoration of one of silent film's greatest masterpieces.

Triptych in Abel Gance's Napoleon (1927)

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Things to Come (2016) Blu Ray (Curzon Artificial Eye)

Mia Hansen-Love and Isabelle Huppert tackle philosophy of moving on with your life.

Things to Come (2016)

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