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Frank Sidebottom The Home of the Retrospective


Apprentice to Murder (1988) Blu Ray (Arrow)

An adolescent Chad Lowe becomes enraptured by Donald Sutherland's Pow-wow faith healer in this interesting, if flawed, hard-to-pigeonhole period horror drama. Mia Sara also stars as Lowe's smart, seductive girlfriend.

Donald Sutherland in Apprentice to Murder

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Rawhead Rex (1986) Clive Barker adaptation Blu Ray (Arrow)

This George Pavlou-directed adaptation of a short story from Barker's Books of Blood anthology is an inept folk-horror but can be enjoyable when taken as a cheesy monster-on-the-loose flick. The rubbery creature is laughable and the performances are very uneven.

Kelly Piper and some cheap optical effects in Rawhead Rex

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Erik the Conqueror directed by Mario Bava

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