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Ministry of Fear (1944) dir: Fritz Lang Blu Ray (Indicator)

This film noir spy mystery, set in WWII era Britain, is an underrated entry in Fritz Lang's filmography. Expect a lot of art deco production design, chiaroscuro lighting, inventive setpieces and an engaging everyman performance courtesy of Ray Milland.

Hillary Brooke in Ministry of Fear

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No Way Out (1950) starring Sidney Poitier Blu Ray & DVD (Eureka!)

Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s film noir message movie helped to pave the way for African-American leading men in Hollywood cinema. Aside from Poitier's subtly engaging performance, we get Richard Widmark's supremely loathsome racist villain and Linda Darnell as a hard-bitten wild card.

Sidney Poitier and Richard Widmark in No Way Out (1950)

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Gumshoe (1971) dir: Stephen Frears Blu Ray (Indicator)

Albert Finney plays a Liverpool bingo caller who wilfully slips into a world of film noir intrigue in this razor-sharp British homage to hardboiled detective stories.

Gumshoe directed by Stephen Frears

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Four Film Noir Classics Blu Ray & DVD (Arrow Academy)

A worthy noir Blu Ray collection marred by so-so audio-visual aspects. The films are The Dark Mirror, Secret Beyond the Door, Force of Evil and The Big Combo.

Joan Bennett in Secret Beyond the Door

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Stormy Monday (1988) Blu Ray & DVD (Arrow)

Mike Figgis's debut is a Monday morning drudgery of a movie.

Newcastle Noir in Stormy Monday

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The Lady from Shanghai (1947) Blu Ray & DVD (Powerhouse/Indicator)

It's an Orson Welles classic even if not in the form he originally intended, and another excellent Powerhouse/Indicator release.

Funhouse hall of mirrors finale in The Lady from Shanghai

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The Big Heat (1953) Blu Ray & DVD (Powerhouse/Indicator)

Another old classic done justice via a Powerhouse/Indicator release.

Glenn Ford confronts Lee Marvin in The Big Heat

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Obey, written and directed by Jamie Jones


Erik the Conqueror directed by Mario Bava

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