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Space Truckers (1996) Blu Ray (Second Sight)

Stuart Gordon's sci-fi action comedy sports a good deal of imagination and a fine Dennis Hopper performance but is let down by its corny humour and the uneven quality of its special effects.

Robot in Space Truckers (1996)

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Irma Vep (1996) starring Maggie Cheung Blu Ray (Arrow Academy)

Olivier Assayas' underrated gem is an incredibly hard film to pigeonhole - at once a behind-the-scenes mockumentary jab at the arty pretensions of modern French cinema and an ode to the incomparable beauty of actress Maggie Cheung.

Maggie Cheung in Irma Vep (1996)

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Once Were Warriors (1994) Blu Ray (Second Sight)

This debut from the once-promising New Zealand director Lee Tamahori is a hard-hitting and all-too-honest look at a marginalised culture and the prevalent issues of alcoholism and violence within.

Once Were Warriors

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Wolf (1994) Blu Ray (Indicator) starring Jack Nicholson

Mike Nichols' classy take on the werewolf genre features some smart writing and fine performances but falls flat when it's trying to be a straight horror film.

Jack Nicholson in Wolf

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​Heat (1995) Director’s Definitive Edition Blu Ray (20th Century Fox)

It's the hottest version to date of this highly-regarded Michael Mann cops and robbers epic.

Al Pacino meets Robert de Niro in a coffee shop

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Lili Taylor in The Addiction


Melanie Griffith in Cherry 2000

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