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UK DVD and Blu Ray releases
  • Various movie reviews

UK DVD, Blu Ray and other digital media releases.

Reviews of the films, assessments of audio-visual quality and a look at the special features.

Outland (1981) Blu Ray & DVD & Digital Download (Warner)

A rather average western set in space - saved by the visuals, action and performances.

Sean Connery chasing a suspect in Outland

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Brain Damage (1988) Blu Ray & DVD (Arrow)

Outstanding extras make this lo-fi anti-drugs horror an essential purchase.

A hallucination in Brain Damage

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Ironmaster (1983) Blu Ray & DVD (88 Films)

Tedious Italian loincloth fable with a misguided anti-war message and an erstwhile gay porn star.

The extraordinary artwork of Ironmaster

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2019: After the Fall of New York (1983) Blu Ray (88 Films)

This post-apocalyptic Italian cheese is enjoyable if approached in the right frame of mind - and even has a few decent elements.

Edmund Purdom coerces Michael Sopkiw into carrying out a special mission

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