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Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Wikipedilove @ Paradise in Augustines

Noam Osband and Rena Hundert take a look at the subject of love in both the human and animal kingdoms by sifting through Wikipedia’s millions of articles. Their act mixes stand-up comedy, musical numbers (where they sing as a duet, with Noam strumming away on an electric ukulele and Rena on keyboards) and video footage.

Some of the information which they find lurking amongst the depths of everyone’s favourite go-to online encyclopedia is really quite astonishing. For example, did you know that the WWII love letter postal acronym E.N.G.L.A.N.D. stands for Every Naked Girl Loves A Naked Dick? Were you aware that, in parts of rural India, there’s a psychosomatic illness known as “puppy pregnancy syndrome”, whereby the afflicted believes that being bitten by a sexually-aroused dog will result in them conceiving a puppy? Yes, these factual tidbits, along with the others which they refer to, do actually exist on Wikipedia (and can be found elsewhere on the internet). If you’re not convinced, go ahead and look them up!

The concept as a whole only has a limited mileage and arguably runs out of it towards the end of the show. However, the facts which they uncover are often funny and enlightening, while the musical numbers are enjoyable and well-performed. A song about sexual cannibalism (some female insects, such as praying mantises and certain species of spiders, have a habit of consuming their mates after copulation) is particularly memorable and gives Rena her best moment in the limelight. There’s also a country and western-style ballad about Eva Braun’s unrequited love for Adolf Hitler. Don’t worry; both comedians are Jewish so it’s not a glorification of the latter historical figure.

Watch a video:

Rating: ☆☆☆1/2

Tickets are available from the following link:

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