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Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Archie Maddocks: Matchstick @ Just The Tonic

Archie Maddocks is an affable London stand-up comedian of Trinidadian heritage. His act mixes observational humour, a dash of social commentary and some mild ribbing of the audience (as he states at the start of the show, he particularly likes to target those sitting further back!)

His general style has an easygoing, banterish feel about it, albeit with a lot of meta-commentary about how his jokes are going down with the audience. His material is solidly funny through most of the set, casting a wry eye over male self-consciousness, racism, the creeping gentrification of his home city, the fire-and-brimstone theatrics of Trinidadian preachers, the concept of “privilege” and his personal hatred of bees. There are also a couple of great jokes riffing on the Pixar classic Toy Story… but with, shall we say, the other kind of toys. While he does sail close to the wind at times, such moments pay off in the best possible fashion - i.e. he gets away with it because we’re always left aware that he has both his heart and his mind in the right place.

A more serious edge creeps in near the end when he discusses the Grenfell Tower tragedy - an event which was (literally) close to home for him. However, the points he makes here, while not jokey (how could they be?), leave us with an inspiring glimmer of hope about wider British society. They also highlight that this is one stand-up show with considerably more depth and clarity in its mission than the usual offerings from the sea of wannabes who litter Edinburgh’s venues at this time of year.

Watch a video:

(N.B. This is an example of Archie Maddocks’ style of humour but doesn’t necessarily represent the content of this year’s Fringe show.)

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Tickets are available from the following link:

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