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Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Moon @ Pleasance

Oxford-educated comedy double act Jack Chisnall and Joshua Dolphin present this hour of zany and witty character sketches. The former typically plays either meek, slightly goofy middle-class types or arrogant poseurs. Dolphin, meanwhile, portrays various working class “angry young men” and has a tendency towards practical jokes and humiliations aimed in the direction of his hapless onstage partner. Together, they form a truly hilarious chalk-and-cheese team who make maximum use of the square, confined Pleasance Attic venue.

Jack Chisnall and Joshua Dolphin are Moon

Crucially, the material is top-notch from start to finish; it’s hard to pick and choose a favourite sketch here since so many stand out. There’s an early routine revolving around a curry house website which uses the venue’s rear projector to witty effect. Chisnall shows off his acting chops via a one-man Shakespeare show (with a couple of ridiculous twists of course) and his singing abilities via a spoof Morrissey song about England’s chances in the World Cup. Okay, so it’s arguably month or two out of date now but it’s still a hilariously spot-on impersonation. Nonetheless, Dolphin gets plenty of opportunities to upstage him with his constant drop-of-a-hat strops and a cleverly extended prank during the second half of the show. A shorter sketch involving a boyfriend getting plastic surgery to look like Benedict Cumberbatch is another classic.

This is a wonderfully assured, technically slick and surprise-filled show, even more so when you consider that it is their Fringe debut. Amongst the thousands of comedy acts which attend the Edinburgh Fringe each year, many are crap, many are okay, many are quite good, a few are great and a handful are really quite special (in the best sense of the word). Moon definitely belongs in the last of those categories.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Tickets are available from the following link:

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