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Dreamgun: Film Reads - The Matrix @ Underbelly

N.B. This show tackles different films on different days. Check out this link for details.

This movie-based show brings together a group of Irish comedians who have all been given a film script, reimagined with some comedic elements, mere hours before going on stage. With each of them playing one or more characters from the film in question, they deliver their own spontaneous, tongue-in-cheek interpretations.

It has been some years since I’ve watched The Matrix since it’s a film that I very much associate with the late-1990s. While I certainly enjoyed it at the time, it sits in a dead spot in terms of my own cinematic chronology. It’s old enough to drift into some kind of half-forgotten ether, and yet too recent to sit in some kind of classic era alongside the likes of Alfred Hitchcock’s body of work or even some of the films that I grew up with during the 1980s. Therefore, I went into this show with no strong expectations either way.

Dreamgun: Film Reads

As you might expect from an unrehearsed affair, the results are hit and miss. Some of the comedians handled the on-the-spot nature of the proceedings better than others and some of the Airplane-style zany jokes worked better than others. However, while there were occasional stumbles, the show generally maintained a good comic rhythm and solid rapport between the diverse array of comic talents.

It’s worth noting that your enjoyment on Dreamgun: Film Reads will vary depending on your own appreciation for two things: films and spontaneous comedy. Also, as I have pointed out above, they read out different film scripts on different days (ranging from Back to the Future to Psycho). Having only seen their take on The Matrix, I have no idea how the other ones will fare. However, the overall sense of high-spirited fun here makes for one of the better shows that I’ve caught so far.

Rating: ☆☆☆1/2

Tickets are available from the following link:

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