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Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Francesco De Carlo @ Underbelly George Square

What the Edinburgh Fringe website says:

The award-winning Italian comedian returns with a brand-new show about life outside your comfort zone: politics, people, and what you discover when you leave your sofa to become a foreigner. Toured with Comedy Sans Frontieres alongside Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran. Supported Tommy Tiernan on his UK 2016 tour. As seen on Unspun with Matt Forde (Dave). 'English may not be his first language... but he is fluent in comedy' **** (ThreeWeeks). 'If I was an Italian comedian performing in English, I would want to be as funny as Francesco De Carlo' (Eddie Izzard).

Watch a video:

Cultural observations

Italian comic Francesco De Carlo moved to the UK ironically because of Brexit (well… so he says) as the drop in the Pound finally made London cheap for him. He humorously points out the differences between the two cultures: in Britain the food and coffee are awful but the comedy and music are superb, while in Italy the opposite is true. He also reveals a rather novel theory related to Italian hand gestures. Having spent some time in the past working in Italy with a customer I can say that his points are wonderfully spot-on.

On the other hand, basing an hour around cultural observations would rapidly wear thin, so thankfully Francesco takes his considerable knack for comedic delivery and aims it at broader themes. Whether it’s the ridiculousness of Facebook etiquette or the irony that animals (unlike us humans) don’t have racism, sexism, homophobia and religion, there’s plenty of great material here.

Not a try-hard

The best thing about Francesco, however, is that (unlike a lot of comics plying their trade during Edinburgh’s annual festival) there’s no sense that he’s trying too hard. He doesn’t need to; he just has a natural talent for being funny in a rather deadpan, unpretentious fashion. Other Fringe participants: please take note.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Tickets are available from the following link:

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