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Edinburgh Fringe 2017: George Egg @ Gilded Balloon Teviot

What the Edinburgh Fringe website says:

The Anarchist Cook returns with another demonstration of resourcefulness, innovation and absurdity. If you like food then you'll like this. New material, new methods and a whole new menu; and of course, you get to taste it all at the end. Sell-out shows 2015 and 2016. Spirit of the Fringe Award Winner 2015. 'A genius... he is the friendly face of anarchy, the anarchic face of food and the foodie face of comedy' (Scotland on Sunday).

Watch a video:

Cooking in the garage

This year, George Egg has been banned by his wife from cooking in the home, so he decided to set up his own kitchen in the garage using various pieces of equipment he found within. His show follows him making breakfast, lunch and dinner with the various utensils - which the audience can then eat afterward.

While he was a big success during the previous two years, this is my first encounter with Egg’s brand of culinary comedy. What ensued was wildly entertaining and informative, and while I would personally advise “try this at your own risk” (and make sure the equipment is in a sufficiently sanitary state), he does demonstrate much of his cooking on-stage with the purpose-built garage-kitchen right there in front of the audience. While I didn’t get to try the food afterward (it was all gone by the time I reached it), it did look like his techniques were workable.

If you want to witness spaghetti being created with a portable shredder, or steak being cooked with a blowtorch, then this is the show for you. Due to time and logistical limitations we don’t get to see salami being dried over office ceiling space tiles, but I’ll take his word for it.

Doing hipster shops on the cheap

As well as the novelty of seeing food being prepared with such unlikely utensils, George also brings in a solid comedic aspect. It’s consistently amusing, be it the poetic interludes (such as one about eating Jaffa Cakes in a single bite) or him revealing his technique for getting reduced price items from a hipster’s shop via a strip of handy discount labels and a soupçon of stealth (plus factoring in carrying it out when the underpaid Saturday girl is on the till). Let’s be honest: it serves those pretentiously overpriced establishments right, doesn’t it?

He also talks about setting up his own heavy metal band, called “Extractor” (he shows us the obligatory black T-shirt). Why did he call it such a name? Well, it’s so that the band’s followers can become known as “Extractor fans”. OK, so some of the lines are on the corny side, but since George’s delivery is as spot-on as his culinary skills it adds up to a fine show for Fringe followers who want to see something a little outside the norm.

Oh, and one final thing… you’ll never look at Deliveroo cyclists in the same way again.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Tickets are available from the following link:

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