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Frank Sidebottom The Home of the Retrospective


Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Nick Hall: Spencer @ Underbelly

This account of the life and death of Spencer Perceval, the only British prime minister ever to be assassinated, mixes lively Blackadder-style historical japery with some patchy attempts to satirise modern politics. It's uneven but gets by on Hall's pleasingly eccentric manner.

Nick Hall: Spencer

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Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Camels @ Underbelly

Patrick McPherson and Zac Peel make for a classic comedy double act who take us through this hour of inventive, family-friendly sketches. Quality material, impeccable timing and straight, unforced delivery make the humour fly - even those dreaded dad jokes.

Camels @ Edinburgh Fringe 2018

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Dreamgun: Film Reads - The Matrix @ Underbelly

A collective of Irish comedians send up a different film each night in this unrehearsed stage show. Since the delivery is spontaneous, there are occasional stumbles. However, the overall comic rhythm and sense of high-spirited fun manage to pull it through.

Dreamgun: Film Reads

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Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Zach & Viggo + Thumpasaurus: Where Does The Love Go? @ Underbelly

What do you get when you cross a Norwegian-American comedy duo, Amazon's Jeff Bezos and a funk-punk band? An absurdist, avant-garde, funk opera! It’s a lot of bouncy buffoonery successfully stretching out a smallish amount of great material.

Comedy double-act Zach & Viggo

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Francesco De Carlo @ Underbelly George Square

The Italian comic's show Comfort Zone proves that he has no need to try hard to be funny: he's a natural at it.

Italian comedian Francesco De Carlo

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Danny O’Brien: RaconTour @ Underbelly

The Irish comedian's storytelling is gripping, his humour amusing - but not groundbreaking.

Irish comedian Danny O'Brien

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