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Arts Fringes

Frank Sidebottom The Home of the Retrospective

Reviews of the Arts in Edinburgh, Scotland's Central Belt and occasionally further afield. We focus towards the alternative side of visual art, theatre, comedy and live music in the area.

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Sound from Heaven by Kun Zhang

A look at visual art, both classical and modern, and the independent gallery scene.
Dialogue With Emperor Qin's Warriors @ Summerhall, Edinburgh


Pussy Riot band

The local gig scene and song/album reviews, with an emphasis on cult and up-and-coming acts.
Mammut + Broen @ The Hug and Pint, Glasgow 30th November 2017


Prehistoric at Summerhall

Stage performances, from the Shakespearean to the avant-garde, are featured here.
Cockpit @ The Edinburgh Lyceum 6th - 28th October 2017


The local stand-up comedy scene and comedy festivals are featured here.
Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Francesco De Carlo @ Underbelly George Square