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Guerrilla Film Reviews
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Rejoice, O film fanatic! Reviews of Cult Classic Movies, Cinema, Blu Ray, DVD, and retrospectives are featured right here on this invaluable web resource.

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  • Cinema Banner

    Icare AKA Courgette

    New cinema releases, both arthouse and mainstream blockbusters
    My Life as a Courgette ★★★★
  • DVD & Blu Ray Section Banner

    The Dirty Dozen lined up

    The latest DVD and Blu Ray releases. We discuss the movies, the print quality and the special features for a rounded view.
    The Dirty Dozen (1967) Blu Ray & DVD & Digital Download (Warner)
  • Articles Section Banner

    Forward March, Time!

    Articles about cinema, genres and the latest trends.
    Hidden Door Festival: KinoKlub @ Leith Theatre, Edinburgh 26th May 2017
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    Lifeforce - Mathilda May space vampire

    A look back at some old classics and non-classics, to re-evaluate them in a modern light.
    Lifeforce (1985) ★★★